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My name is April Michelle Poston. I first created this account when I was pregnant with my son Matthew. He is now a year old. He was born March 22, 2011. He was supposed to be born on June 24,2011 but he decided he wanted to enter the world three months early. I was 26 weeks pregnant, he was born two days before I would've been 27 weeks. The doctors aren't really sure what caused him to come so early. Since I had no infections or STD's. They figure I just had a weak cervix and simply could not carry my son full term.
He spent two months in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU and was finally released to come home on June 5, 2011.
Ever since he has been a happy, healthy, perfect little boy. He is my miracle and I could not have been blessed with anything more.
I am however, currently pregnant with my second child. 10 weeks and 3 days. My due date for this one is October 23, 2012, but I am hoping it will be a Halloween baby. :)
As you could probably imagine, as anyone else would be, that I am terrified of the thought of having another premature baby. Yes. Its always on my mind. But my OB is having me come in every two weeks to check the baby and my cervix through ultra sounds. She says she is going to give me medicine when I'm further along to stop dilation and the cervix from thinning if I feel I am dialted or if they see my cervix is thinning. And she said if worse comes to worse they will put a clamp up there until it is safe for the baby to be born full term.
I am excited and blessed with a second child and cannot wait to find out what I am having and to meet my second baby :) <3