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blog-sidebar.png?t=1304720391 ' The name is Samantha, the boy is Remie, and together we created little miss grace kennedy. were young but dont let that fool you. Grace was born on my 18th birthday. I love waking up to my little beebee. Her father and I have been together since November 2009. Were trying our best to make this thing work...enough said. My albums are all on private, pt me and eventually ill pt you back once I know your not a loonatic. My personality may come off strong. I'm full of sarcasm. You'll probably mistake my sarcasm for bitchiness, either way it doesn't matter.
butterfly-heart.jpg?t=1304720495love-my-family.png?t=1302992233254538_170839152976834_134627943264622_4This is my perfect little angel, Grace Kennedy. Best thing that has EVER happened to me.
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