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i`m 24 european, I married in India on Jan 2011. We immediately started trying and succeeded in February! :) I was very surprised since my periods come randomly every 30-60 days, so i had no clue when to try. I even purchased 100 ovulation tests online and exactly the day they were delivered, i discovered a tiny faint line on my HPT! :)
It made it that much more weird when our first ultrasound told me i was 5w 6d and our last sex to concieve was at least 10 days before the conception date given by the ultrasound!
So i am just very sure God worked very hard to make us pregnant! :)
My pregnancy didnt really go easy. The first ultrasound found a large ovarian cyst (6-7cm) and a possible blood clot. I had a follow up two weeks later at 7w6d and the ovarian cyst had gotten only bigger. The technician was almost sure i would need a surgery. The blood clot was gone though.
My gynecologist told me to do another US to check on my cyst at 13 weeks and that was my last chance before getting laparoscopy done. However, my 13 weeks ultrasound showed nothing but a healthy baby who just loves to punch A LOT!
So i am 15 weeks today (May29) and i can finally rest and enjoy my pregnancy.
Right now i am trying to eat hard since i have lost 4 kg (10lbs) during my pregnancy so far and it is starting to worry the doc.
Obviously i havent really been feeling well, especially since its my first summer in Delhi and the heat is just unbearable.
We are hoping for a girl, but unsure if we will get to know it before giving birth since gender scanning is illegal over here.