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MY name is Stephanie Powers, I am 18 years old and living at home with my mom raising my beautiful son Nathan. I know there are alot of people out there who frown upon a teenage parent, they like to think we can't do it, that we have our parents raise our children for us and are unfit. I'd like to argue that, I raise my son as if I was on my own and only turn to my parents if needed. I am the one to change his diapers, give him baths, breast feed him, put him to bed, change his clothes, take him to the doctors and just be there for him.
I dont ask my parents for money, I do that myself with the help of WIC. I am on TANF becuase I am a single parent and currently unemployed, not because I wanted to be lazy but because I was kicked out of my bf's house when I was pregnant and had to leave behind my job. I was getting very sick throughout my pregnancy and by the time I could have gotten a job it eas evident I was pregnant and no one wanted to hire me. I finished highschool, early actually, and before I was even pregnant and now that I have had my son I am going to be going to go to college for my bachelors degree in psychology and later on my Doctorits degree. I am driven and passionate and will do everything in life that I wanted to do, even if it takes a little longer and will be a little harder, my mother raised me right and I will do her proud!

The day I delivered my son is a day that will forever be implanted in my mind. It was on February 8th 2011, just one day after my due date, that I had a doctors appointment. During that appointment they told me I had high blood pressure and sent me to Women's & Children's to start the 12 hours process of cervadil (a drug they vaginally insert to soften your cervix so you can dialate). At around 4:30am the following morning I got up to use the bathroom and my water broke so the started me on pitocin. By 6am I was in full blown labor and the pain was terrible. They started me a whirlpool bath which was able to calm me enough to breath through my contractions but at 11am I had to get out. The contractions were constant and without mercy, I was reading at 176 on my moniter, a normal contraction would be at 120. Finally at 12pm I got an epidural, I wasnt going to but the pain was causing my drastic stress and I didn't want to stress the baby. Finally at 1:45pm I was fully dialated and able to start pushing. My doctor was in a surgery but to my luck he was able to get out and deliver my son. I can remember him closing his eyes inbetween pushes and that discouraged me and I stopped pushing as hard, and then he LEFT to go get something to eat!! If it wasnt for my mom coaxing me I probably would have been so pissed I would have stopped pushing all together. With a full tummy and a cat nap to boot my dr delivered my son at 2:59pm. Complication, he was born blue and not breathing, they put him on oxygen and shortly after I heard him cry. Holding him for the first time brought tears of joy to my eyes, he was perfect. 184769_1758281549613_1016239911_31944135183069_1758286749743_1016239911_31944153

My son is now a month old and still I fall inlove with him all over again everytime I look at him, Being a mother was the greatest gift life ever granted me and I thank God everyday for it.182611_1747657324014_1016239911_31926041184245_1759480299581_1016239911_31946118180633_1760929975822_1016239911_31949616183652_1783337856005_1016239911_31985821198942_1774624558178_1016239911_31973746