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this is my second baby gaga account. im sad to say that i cant remember my password..

My name is Ashley I have 2 beautiful daughters :) Their names are Tatiana Jasmine and Nevaeh Joslyn. I got my life a little messy :/ but im in the proses of fixing it. Tatiana and Nevaeh don't have the same father. i ended up leaving Tatiana's dad when she was just a little thing. and then we got back together when i was 8 months pregnant with Nevaeh. he will be raising her as his own. He signed her Birth certificate.
Tatiana is two years old and ill be honest i was scared to find out how she was going to react to her new baby sister. But shes doing great with her! if someone says they want to take her home she gets all sad! Tatiana is super smart! she can count to 15 already and she knows almost all her abc's. she loves to dance and sing.

Not much to say about little Nevaeh just yet shes only 6 days old but she seams to be a really good baby like likes to be attached to mommies b**b at all times lol. and of course she is adorable!! :)