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Well i have 2 wonderful baby boys! I was told right from when i was a little girl that i would never be able to have children due to medical reasons, at the age of 20 my boyfriend and i found out i was pregnant with twins. I was never told i couldnt get pregnant just that i wouldnt be able to carry them. I went to a specialist and he said there was hope. I ended up in the hopsital from 27 weeks on but wasnt on bedrest just had to be there just incase because i almost went into labor. at 34 and half weeks they took my boys as it was getting to dangerous. They were 4lbs 6oz and 4lbs 9oz, they were in the neonate for 3 weeks almost just to gain some weight. They were not on any breathing machines just a feeding tube for 2 days until they started feeding on their own. They are now 8 months and a whopping 20 pounds and have no health problems. they are my little angels!