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Age 32
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Status Married
Location Ohio
Interest Hacky sack, drawing, painting, researching history, graphic designing, poetry, writing, arts and crafts, my cat's crazines
Kids 66
I've had multipule miscarriages and have one active little one on the inside. We are happy to present our little cabbage patch baby to this world full of arts and music with many talents to take on and observe.

Love being a new mom! She may get up at dawn, but she's hard to put to sleep without a bath. NOTE 2 self: Bath night-EVERY night.

Baby #2 in belly loves taco bell!!

<a href="http://www.baby-gaga.com/"><img src="http://tickers.baby-gaga.com/t/foxfoxsvi20120815_-4_My+child+is++1.png" alt="baby" border="0" /></a>

I'll add more later.