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Interest Working in a cattery in my spare time, reading, watching American Crime programmes love Criminal Minds and CSI
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Hi my name is Tracy, I am 37 years old and live in the United Kingdom.

My partner Martyn and I have been together 10 years, are very happy, and settled with our Cat Tilly. We decided to start trying for a baby in January 2010 and I realised I was pregnant on Christmas Day 2010.
After a very traumatic labour and finally a c-section our little man was born on 06th September 2011 @ 4.59 am at the whopping size of 10lb 1oz!!!! (Complete surprise as Hospital told me 2 weeks before that he would be of average size 7 - 8 lbs)

We have named him Ethan Booker Kirby, and already I can not tell you how much we love him. He makes our family complete and honestly can not imagine our lives without him. He is already my WORLD and I must spend hours just sitting there watching his every movement and expression.
406271_10150474129145745_539725744_88783 Ethan at 17 weeks old
412950_10150674535235745_539725744_95551 Ethan at 29 weeks old
463391_10150705080230745_539725744_96471 Ethan at 32 weeks old
DSC00752.jpgEthan at his 1st Birthday party with his little girlfriend from next door.