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Age 39
Gender Female
Status Married
Work 911 dispatcher
Location Kansas
Kids 3
My name is Tara, but I am known as Mom to 3 of the neatest kids I know. I have an 11 year old daughter named Abigaile, a 7 year old son named Adin, and the newest edition to our family is my "starting over" baby Sam who was born December 6, 2011.

I feel like I am relearning so many things:D and am thankful for all the help and advice from the other momma's here.

I am cloth diapering the baby, this is something that I did not do with my older two. I absolutely love it!!!

I am one of the most laid back people you will ever meet and have a very good listening ear. I've got plenty of help here and am always glad to return the favor when possible.

I am also a 911 dispatcher. I often wish that life would allow me to be a SAHM, but at this time it just wouldn't work. I love my job and I love the people that I work with. Love them so much, I even married one of them almost 3 years ago.:wink: My husband is wonderfully supportive of anything and everything I want to do and is absolutely my best friend, but I wan't always so lucky. ( I had a very bad first marriage, but have my beautiful daughter to show for it.)

Hope to get to know more of you even better.
Thanks for taking the time to read about me.