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before you start spouting your mouth off about me why dont you talk to me and ill tell you if its true err not! I dont console drama so keep it away from me. I dont judge others i gett to know them you should do the same,.. I believe dreams eventually come true all you need is a little faith and a push in the right direction., I have made mistakes but who hasnt? i probably have more mistakes that are in need of being made, life has never been handed to me, errr do i expect it to i have had to work to get where i am today, i actaully like working for my accomplishments, i like my life the way it is though things could be a little easier and not so confusing. but thats what life is ITS CONFUSING, My life has never been easy and no ones ever will be. I am very open minded and i listen to what others have to say. but i believe in FREE SPEECH. I am going to graduate. and i want to go to college to be a mental health counsler or a public speaker.My life is my life and I would appreciate it if people would just but out and stop trying to run my life. I believe in GOD and if you dont thats fine but dont try to change my beliefs. cause im not gonna change yours