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I am 21 years of age.I AM MARRIED TO A NAVY MAN WHOM IVE LOVED SINCE TEENAGE YEARS.I currently have 6 weeks and 1 day left AND AM DUE ON APRIL 2OTH 2008.LOVES ADVICE AND LOVES TO GIVE ADVICE.I ONLY TALK TO MATURE LADIES AND THE ONES WITH THEIR HEAD ON STRAIGHT,MEANING THEY ARE AIMING FOR THEIR GOALS IN LIFE.IM A VERY CURIOUS PERSON BUT NOT ARGUMENTIVE SO SAVE THE ARGUMENTS AND DRAMA FOR YOUR SCHOOLMATES.BLESSINGS TO ALL AND YOUR LOVED ONES!!!!cec98436-3376-412b-a257-b27164d34161.gifdev110pf___.png 288947c9-a989-4cd1-af8c-637c432b02a6.gif288947c9-a989-4cd1-af8c-637c432b02a6.gif288947c9-a989-4cd1-af8c-637c432b02a6.gifbbygrl008.gif

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