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pink-camo.pngI'm Amber im 27 im from michigan

but i live in fort hood tx

im married to my soulmate todd

I love the way he looks at me I love his eyes

smile & laugh and the way

I can be myself around him I feel

like the luckiest girl in the world

i have known him since i was

10 years old we have been together

for 12 years and married for 5

its been rough times with ups and

downs but you know what they say

learn from your mistakes and move forward

so thats what we have done

we get along better now more then we ever have

there is NO drama in our lives

todd joined the army in may 2008

im so very proud of him hes my hero

i know that may sound stupid to some people

but i dont really care its the truth

we have 3 very beautiful daughters together

Destiny is 10 Melanie is 6 Emily is 4

and Im Pregnant with baby number 4 right now

Jamie Maddison

so that pretty much sums up about me lol

if theres anything else u feel u need to know send me a message


hey i was just wondering if you had time to check out my baby registry? since i have no friends here and all my family is 1400 miles away in michigan im sending this to my friends on here only 35 days until the baby is born thank you so much if you can help out in anyway