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Age 24
Gender Female
Status Engaged
Location Plant City, Florida
Kids 1
Expecting my first child DEC 9th .
when i had my second ultrasound the baby measured two days ahead so they tell me my lil one is due DEC 7th .
My name is Grethel (gretel) I am nineteen , I am working on my bachelors in engineering at USF . I am in a relationship with a wonderful man who is absolutely ecstatic about our baby . I never knew how much you could love someone without even knowing them until our baby . I wish you ladies lots of happiness and baby dust . <3

update * we just found out we are having a lil girl last friday =) we are happy to know the sex of the baby finally lol <3

I just had my lil girl at 24 weeks old she weighed one pound eleven ounces . She is beautiful and I love her very much. I am sad that she's hooked up to all these machines but I'm happy that she's stable. Keep my baby Vanessa Ariel Garcia in your prayers

Vanessa my lovely one is now 1yr old we deal with an array of issues due to prematurity . she has hydro , dysphagia , plagiocephaly , tone issues and severe delays to name a few . i would love to network with other preemie moms and offer support .
here is a link to my brain bleed support group please share