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I am 26 years old and have three wonderful children and I do foster care. My stepson is 10 and he is one of the best kids I could ever have asked for, he is Awesome! He lives with his father and I and he is such a great kid. I have a three year old son, he is a terror, very smart and very persistent. Elliyanna Paige was born December 2nd 2011 and she is wonderful. I have been married since June 23rd 2007 and love my husband very much. I work at home as an in-home child care provider. I started working at Mcdonalds when I was 14... worked there for 4 years... Went to Grocery Outlet for about 4 years and then decided I wanted to be home with my son who was about 9 months old when I quit my job and started doing daycare. I can say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love being able to be home with my kids and still help out paying bills. Through my daycare I kind of fell into doing foster care and that is also very rewarding. I am so thankful for the gifts I have been given in my life.