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My name is stacey, im 25, i adore my beautiful girl so much she is my world. Im a very easy going kinda person not much gets to me, and i like to just go with the flow within reason lol. im not big on full on routines i like to just have the basics and then what ever happens happens lol. I love to make new friends n im an easy person to get along with, but you wanna start drama take it else where course im not big on it haha.

I all about my family you hurt them then you see the not so shy part of me. My mum suffered a stroke at the age of 46, and it was touch and go for a while but she is a very strong independant woman, and altho she is has no use at all of her left arm and her left leg isnt the best she dosnt let it get her down, she can do any thing she wants when she puts her mind to it, she is my HERO!!!!

My little girl ella is my life she is what i live for!! she is a very cheeky, clever outgoing almost 3 year old, now her pregnancy was a BREEZE, no problems what so ever her labour and birth were not so easy, was in labour for 4 days, her heart rate dropped to low so they did an emergancy c-section, they stuffed the spinal morph 4 times and ever since my back has not been the same, when they got her out she was purple and blue ( due to swollowing the first poo) can still remember the moment i heard her first cry, i balled like a baby :D, after hubby went off with ella while they where trying to get me sorted i had lost a lot of blood, so that required a blood transfusion, that was a very weird and ill feeling lol, but it was all worth it!!! :)

I have two angels watching over me first i was 11weeks 6days when i went to the er with bleeding and was told that i lost the baby, had a DnC, who ever said that gong under is like having the best sleep ever has rocks in ther head i felt like CRAP lol just leave me sleep hehe, second i was 6 weeks, had a natural M/C :( hated it!!

well its late and im stuffed so ill add more lata :) xx


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