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hi, I'm Jen. I'm 25 years old, happily married and mother of two beautiful children, one on the way, and one angel baby.
My oldest is Megan. She is 6 years old and amazing. She keeps me going every day. She is smart, beautiful, creative, sarcastic, and stubborn. She's awesome :)
Next is Wyatt. He is my beautiful angel. He got his wings on august 31,2011 at 6 days old. Here is his story. at 20 weeks, I was having my regular gender scan. While they were doing measurements, the u/s tech said she was having troubles getting measurements of his heart. my dr was a little worried so he sent us to a neonatalogist for a level 2 u/s. there they told us that our son had a heart defect called transposition of the great arteries. he explained it as the aorta and pulmonary artery were switched and once born, he would not be getting the oxygenated blood throughout his body as needed, and without surgery, it would kill him. We met with the cardiologist and heart surgeon several times before time to have him. They told us that even tho it was definitely a serious surgery, as it was open heart, this was something they had done several times with a high success rate. We were very confident that everything would be okay. Wyatt was born on august 25, 2011 weighing a healthy 7lbs, 9oz and 19in long. It was a Thursday. They got him hooked up to iv's everywhere because he was npo. He did amazing until the surgery. Surgery was Monday. What was supposed to be a 5-6 hour surgery, turned into 17 hours. They told us that during surgery, they realized that his arteries were not only switched, but also fused together. Making it very difficult to separate, switch and then attach everything properly. They chose to stop the surgery, mostly for wyatts sake since he was so swollen. They left his chest opened and he was on the bypass machine. On Tuesday, they went in two times to clean out around his heart and hope they could figure out a way to help his heart beat without the machine. Tuesday night, they told us that if there was no improvement by the next morning, then we would need to decide if we wanted to take the chance and put him through another extensive surgery that was not guaranteed to do any improving, or taking him off the machines. You can't imagine how hard it is to hear a doctor tell you that you have to decide if your child will live or not. I immediately wanted to tell them to do the surgery but I had to think of my son. Even if he survived, chances of him living any kind of actual life, was very small. after talking throughout the night, we went to his room (we couldn't stay in his room for sanitary reasons) hopeful that he had improved. Our hopes were shot when we walked in to the nurses and cardiologist telling us that he was not well. They shut the machines off and his heart stopped at 10:47am on Wednesday, august 31, 2011, with his father and I both holding his hand and telling him how much we love him. Our angel now sits on a shelf in our living room with his pictures, handprints, pictures from his big sister, and other lovely momentos. RIP Wyatt Douglas. We love you and miss you so much. <3
Shane Oscar was born august 13, 2012. And he is amazing. He is very energetic, and learns very quickly. At 9 months old, he is saying mama, dada, uh oh, shakes his head no, and is very close to walking. He is very vocal, and when he wants something, he will stop at nothing to get it. very very stubborn. he is always smiling and laughing. happiest baby i have ever seen. :)
baby number four is expected to join us in November. gender is still unknown, but we are all anxious for a happy, healthy baby!