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Age 22
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Location Ireland
Kids 1
Due Apr 17, 2013 (girl)
Currently expecting baby number 2 and Oh its a girl this time so one of each :) she is due on april 18th 2013 and ive decided her name will be evelyn-mae thats eve for short :)

update; i was due my little boy september 20th 2011 but he arrived safley on october 1st 2011 ,2;33am ,i had recieved epidural as pain relief the gas and air did not really work for me he weighed in a huge 9lb 8oz and we named him bradley i coulodnt be more proud of my beautiful handsome little boy he is the light of my life :) <3 bradley

expecting 1st baby on september 20th 2011
i found out i was pregnant on the 24th of january and my life change forever in every possible best way it could of , i am so excited to meet my little munchkin im counting down the days to his arrival , Oh ITS A BOY :D i found out i was having a boy at my 20 week scan and i couldnt be happier, best feeling ever knowing he will be here in my arms in a matter of time ,fall in love with every kick and movement i feel from him ,pregnancy truley is a miracle :D