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I am a loving mother. I have two beautiful daughters but just recently found out I am pregnant for the 7th time. My second daughter was diagnosed with an Occipital Meningoencephalocele at only 20wks gestation. It is a neural tube defect similar to spina bifita but it is far more severe and life threatening. I was told that our little Abigail wasn't going to make it to birth and if she did she would likely pass away shortly after being born. Regardless of all the negative things we heard we continued to pray for a miracle and here she is. Every day she is showing us just how wrong people can be and how amazing God's work is.

I have 4 little babies in heaven waiting for the day I can hold them in my arms. I love, laugh and do all within my power to live. Times are seeming to always be in a constant state of chaos but we make it through with God