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Here we go again! :) Watch over this little one Baby Spike!



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RIP - Baby Spike - 07/15/11



I am the lucky Mom of FOUR wonderful boys - Devan will be 17 on Sept 3rd (b. 1995) and Vance will turn 8 on June 25th (b. 2004) and Spike was born an angel on July 15th, 2011. We are now pregnant with our fourth boy and due August 17th, 2012. The Good Lord likes us to have a large gap between our kids. :)

We were SO excited when, after 5 years of trying, we finally got a BFP for our 3rd baby on April 25th. Honestly - about 1.5 - 2 years ago we had completely given up on having another precious baby. The drs had told me before I was pregnant with Vance that I would probably never get pregnant by myself... well - I have proved them wrong TWICE! Since I was getting ready to go on a business trip to Vegas, we went ahead and told everyone the happy news. I was around 7-8 weeks. Vance named the baby Spike - actually - he said if it was a girl we could name her Spikette :D Of course, we never thought we would ever actually use the name...

Everything was going great. I had horrible MS and ended up in the hospital for IVs, but the u/s showed everything was fine with little Spike. When I was about 14 - 15 weeks the MS finally went away and I felt GREAT - the "Honeymoon" of pregnancy, right? Well - unfortunately - not for me... on July 13th I started spotting. I called my Dr in the morning of July 14th and they wanted me to come in just to check things out... it was dark blood and was probably nothing, but we were leaving for vacation on the 18th, so it was best to make sure... They did a u/s and we found out that "Spike" was a precious little boy... but he didn't have a heartbeat. I was 17.5 weeks pregnant.

I checked into the hospital that afternoon to be induced to have my baby. After 9 hours of labor, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on July 15th at 3:35am. He looked perfect and, as usual with these things - there was nothing that looked wrong with him. We did officially name him Spike Alexander in honor of his big brothers.

He looked absolutely perfect and just looks like he is sleeping. Again - the nurses at the hospital were amazing. They took him and cleaned him up and brought him back to us and let us keep him until we were ready to let go... now I wish we had spent more time, but I think I'd feel that way even if we had spent 24 hours with him. They took pictures of him for us and gave us a memory box with the blankets they brought to us in it and a mold of his little arms.

We kept him with us for about an hour and then we realized that I was bleeding very heavily so they had to take him. They put bed pads under me instead of the normal mesh underwear and pads and they still had to change them every 15-20 minutes... I ended up going to emergency surgery to get the bleeding to stop...

Vance told me a few days ago that he had a VERY special little brother, his brother was an angel. I asked him if he thought Spike was going to be his Guardian Angel and he said - "yeah, probably, but only after he gets a little older. I'm pretty fast and he wouldn't be able to keep up right now." :D Gotta love kids and their insight!

It is hard - you are supposed to be "safe" after your 1st trimester - for most, that is true... for the rest of us... well... if anyone would like to talk to me about my experience with a 2nd term miscarriage, feel free to PM me. It is still very fresh - but I'm willing to talk... some days it seems to help...

On December 9th, 2011 I decided to take a pregnancy test... still not sure why I decided to - AF wasn't due for another 4 days... but it was a nice clear POSITIVE!

January 13th, - 1st appt (9 weeks) - strong hb - 157 - my weight - 155 lbs
February 10th - 2nd appt (13 weeks) - hb 154 - my weight 157 lbs
March 9th - 3rd appt (17 weeks) - hb 147 did an ultrasound - its a BOY! - my weight - 158 lbs - we made it through the scary weeks! YAY!
April 6th - 4th appt (21 weeks) hb 148 - my weight - 161 lbs
May 4th - 5th appt (25 weeks) hb 147 - my weight - 163 lbs - did an ultrasound - still a boy and est weight 2 lbs! Big boy! :D
June 1st - 6th appt (29 weeks) hb 140 - my weight - 169 lbs (oops! LOL) - GD test!
June 15th - 7th appt (31 weeks) hb 140 - my weight - 167 lbs
June 29th - 8th appt (33 weeks) - hb 144 - my weight - 170 lbs
July 13th - 9th appt (35 weeks) - hb 135 - my weight - 171 lbs
July 20th - 10th appt (36 weeks) - hb 137 - my weight 175 lbs
July 25th - 11th appt (36+5 weeks) - hb 142 - my wieght 172 lbs - u/s - still a boy and looking good! Head down - not quite engaged yet thought... about time to start walking!
August 3rd - 12th appt (38 weeks) - went in and found out that although little guy looked good - he was measuring super small and was diagnosed with IUGR - he had stopped growing between 35 & 36 weeks. They induced me Sunday night .
We had checked in Sunday at 6:00pm to start the cervidil - put me on the monitor for 30 minutes to make sure everything looked good and I was already having contractions in the 30's every 12ish minutes. Dr came in and put in the cervidil at around 7:00. Started out doing really well and actually helped the contractions along - but then the contractions started coming one on top of the other and my nurse said that I wouldn't progress as well with them like that, so she started forcing the IV fluids hoping that would help move the meds through quicker and slow down the contractions... and it did work like a charm - started having contractions about 20-30 seconds apart and then they started getting stronger just like they were hoping and I was all excited thinking I was going to avoid the pitocin! But - as the contractions started getting stronger his heartbeat started dropping - not too horribly, but my nurse was keeping a VERY close eye on him and then all the sudden his hb was dropping down into the 60's and 70's - she checked me and I was still only at a 2 (this was 1 hour after this all started) and she immediately took the cervidil out and called out the the desk for two more nurses and the meds to stop the contractions. Put me on oxygen, Called the dr and he gave her a bunch of orders - he was in my room in less than 10 minutes and told me we were going for an emergency section and he had already called everyone to get to the hospital.

Things went really nuts after that - it was right about 8:10pm. They were literally putting in the cathader, the epi and trying to take blood from my hand for the labs all at the same time while another nurse (the first one) was keeping constant watch on Veyton's hb. Seemed like all the sudden my dr was telling me we were heading to the OR. We got in to the OR and things were still moving so fast I couldn't keep track of everything - but Veyton was born at 9:13pm - 2 hrs and 13 min after they inserted the cervidil! His heartbeat was dropping because the cord was wrapped around his neck so I'm so relieved that we had induced because I might not have known until it was too late :( His cord was also only as big around as my pinky finger and was over 40 in long which is why he had the IUGR.... my dr said he had never seen anything like it before...

But - through all of that - he is here - he is healthy - and he is happy and that is 100% the most important things :)
Veyton Alan - 08/05/12