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Age 28
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Status Engaged
Location conroe, TX, United States
Kids 17
Due Sep 23, 2016
Angel Babies 1

An angel opened the book of life to write down my babies birth then whispered as she closed it "too beautiful for earth"

I never got to meet you or hold you but from the moment I knew you were there I loved you with everything I had but I guess God needed you more than I did I know though that now I have a little angel watching over us

First Trimester:
1-4 weeks [1 month]- COMPLETE! Found out I'm Expecting!!!
5-8 weeks [2 months]- COMPLETE!
9-12 weeks [3months]- COMPLETE!
Second Trimester:

13-16 weeks [4 months]- COMPLETE!

17-20 weeks [5 months]- COMPLETE! Found out its a girl!!!

21-24 weeks [6 months]- COMPLETE! Y2U1NGRlYzc*MWE3.gifY2U1NGRlYzc*MWE3.gif Third Trimester:

25-28 weeks [7 months]- COMPLETE!

29-32 weeks [8 months]- COMPLETE!

33-36 weeks [9 months]-COMPLETE!
37-40 weeks [10 months]- COMPLETE! Went 40w4d

My name is Krystal and I am expecting my first angel I do however have a little angel in heaven watching over me now that unfortuantly couldnt stay with me while developing mommy and daddy miss our angel very much and know you are never far from our hearts.

Me and Daddy have been together since Oct. 3 2010. We hadnt been together long at all when I realized he is my soulmate. I couldnt imagine being with anyone else. He supports me and loves me for me and doesnt expect me to change at all. He has a daughter from a previous relationship but doesnt get to be in her life due to her mom and the grandparents so this is going to be his first.

Had my wonderful little angel 2-7-12. She has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. For me she is my little miracle since I never thought I would ever have kids and now I have her. Being a mom is the best feeling in the world. Love you Noelani.