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Sooo I started this pregnancy out with a bad/not so happy attitude about it. I am doing better now but still in shock over it. Im finding it easier though everyday now that I only have a little less than 4 weeks left and I've actually started to prepare. O.K. with that said I guess you want to know a little about me...

Im a Capricorn. I am the LOVING mother of two boys Gavyn Wayne born Dec. 6th '01, and Gunnar Wesley born Sept. 2nd 06. I am now expecting my 3rd and final child ... a GIRL!
Piper Ellouise born... TBD... but due on December 31st. I am at the beginning of what Im hoping will be a smooth divorce. (is there such a thing?) My newly found SO is complete opposite from what I was married to for 11 years. This will be his 1st, and if I can help it, his ONLY baby aside from my two boys whom he has taken on as his own. Im will admit this was NOT a planned pregnancy. ... **IT HAPPENS.
ANYWAY... sorry I tend to get off track sometimes...
My oldest son Gavyn was diagnosed with SEVERE ADHD, O-D-D., O.C.D., and ANXIETY DISORDER between the ages of 5-8. I believe there are too many kids on medication these days and people are ALL TOOO QUICK to diagnose these disorders, HOWEVER, my son is one of those kids who really DOES have these disorders and DOES need medication to help him cope.
This is my "MAMA's BOY" Gavyn Wayne Kirgan

My "soon to be" Middle Child Gunnar Wesley Kirgan has also started showing signs of advanced O.D.D. and what I can only describe as M.C.S? (middle child syndrome) as well but I have yet to take him to a child psyc. I believe in exploring all the options. He is more of a "Daddy's Boy" and he looks sweet but trust me HE's got FIRE in his eyes MOST of the time. He's pretty sneaky and he knows he has that face of innocents and knows just how to use it. LOL He's been my baby of the house for the past 5 years and Im anxious to see how a new baby will change him. Although he's a little stinker EVERYBODY LOVES Gunnar Wesley!!!
381787_308721592494714_100000706284952_1249703_218399658193575_100000706284952_7My FUTURE WILD CHILD Gunnar Wesley Kirgan

378452_308721805828026_100000706284952_1387707_308721142494759_100000706284952_1 I am currently looking for work. ( who isnt right?) I am completely PRO CHOICE. I have my own opinions about certain topics but manage NOT to shove them down anyones throat. I do not have a preference as to religion. I am very partial to KARMA and alot of the Buddhism beliefs but wouldnt call it MY religion. I believe our GOVERNMENT is 110% corrupt. Honestly I believe I could definatly be a reborn HIPPY LOVE CHILD. I tend to be extremely laid back ... sometimes maybe too much. It takes alot for me to lose my temper. I've been through many many ups and even more downs in my life and learned a lesson with every twist and turn. I wont go into detail because I'll end up writing a book! My kids are what has kept me half way sane over the past 10 years. Im a little nervous about what its going to be like having and raising a little girl. I hope I can have a better relationship with her than I had/have with my mom but my gut tells me she's going to give me a run for my money growing up.