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The name is Kimberly Lakin Widner...I am married to Kris Widner he is the father of my son that we both love very much!!♥i dont know what i would do with out my little man&and this baby and my Hubby:) but the one that means most to me is my son and yes he does have a long name and i know that but i beat many people dont know where his name truly comes from well im going to tell you!!!♥
Daniel is out of the bible
Franklin is my great grandfather i love and truly miss
Walden is my maiden name
Widner is what makes him well him
my son is a one of a kind and he is a gift from above and i am so happy god bless me with such a beautiful and talented little boy just because he has brain damage dont mean anything the way i see it is he's not disabled he is just special to me that will never stop him from doing anything they said he wouldnt walk until he was 2 years old but guess what when he was 13months old he started walking my son is not disabled trust me he can and always does what he wants when he has his mind set he is just one of a kind!!!there are so many blessings that have and will happen everyday i am so blessed to have such a beautiful little boy♥ILY Daniel Franklin&Kristopher Allen♥
Mommy Loves You Very Much Daniel Franklin Walden Widner
Our babygirl was born on 11/15/11 Kensley Lakelynn Widner was 7pounds 0.4 Ounces and was 19inches long....hard to believe i have 2 of the best kids in the world and baby#3 on the way we have decided not to find out the sex of the baby until it comes we wanted this one to be a susprise!!!!But i love all of my kids the very same way....