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gaga.gifIm Ashley. NineTeen. I am a Teen Mom and have been since I was 15. I wear my heart on my sleve. I would do anything for anyone. I am always there to help my family and friends out. Feel free to PT me. I am open to chat with anyone.

coffee.pngstrechmark.pngMy Kids are My Pride and Joy. I would do anything for them. They have taught me so much. I dont know where I would be without them.

sunshine.pngMy Son Nathan.. I found out I was pregnant with him in Disney World. I was only 15 yrs old. I was so shocked, scared, happy... I was a mess. I kept thinking to myself that I was only in 9th grade, my life is going to change so much. Well it did. And it changed for the better. I wouldnt take back getting pregnant with him for anything. Thats my baby.

%3ca%20href=dogdogabu20081108_-6_My+Power+Ranger+is.birthday.pngnathannew.jpgsondaughters.pngbreath-1.pngMy Daughter Savannah... She was planned. We wanted another baby. It took us 3 months to get pregnant with her, that was the longest 3 months ever. When I peed on that stick, and I saw the 2 lines... I just started crying. It finally happen. Me and My husband were more than happy. And waiting for her to make her grand entrance, Felt like a lifetime.

savannahnew.png%3ca%20href=lamlamavi20110903_-6_My+Princess.pngmarried.pngI met my now Husband on myspace back in January of 2008. We met up a play ground, and since then we have not been apart. It was instant love. A few months later and we found out I was pregnant. I though he was going to leave me. I was thinking "what teenage boy wanted to stay around". Well in July of 2008, He asked me to marry him and I said "Yes". We had our son, and right after that... We started planning our wedding a year ahead of time. And on January 29th 2011. We said "I do".... Happily Ever After!