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I'm a proud mama of 4 little ones!!! Three boys and one girl. My baby making days are over but I feel like my family is complete. I've been married 10 years to the best darn daddy in the whole wide world. It's pretty crazy in our little home but I wouldn't have it any other way.....except maybe have someone else do my laundry LOL.

1st Trimester ♥
1-4 Weeks [1 Month] Complete.
5-8 Weeks [2 Months] Complete.
9-13 Weeks [3 Months] Complete.

2nd Trimester ♥
14-17 Weeks [4 Months] Complete.
18-21 Weeks [5 Months] Complete.
22-26 Weeks [6 Months] Complete.

3rd Trimester ♥
27-30 Weeks [7 Months] Complete.
31-35 Weeks [8 Months] Complete.

Avery Loretta is HERE!!!!! Born at 35 weeks on November 15th 2011!!! 6lbs 6oz 18 1/2 inches long.