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I'm a strawberry-blonde bombshell. (Lol) Nah... seriously though, I am 23 and strawberry-blonde. I had my first child; a little girl, last August and I'm due to have my second child; a little boy, this August. I'm happily married to my children's father and he is my Mr. Amazing. Other things to note about me; I'm an honest person. If you want an honest answer or opinion, just ask me a straight question. I'm not afraid to tell you what I think, or what's weighing on my mind. I prefer facts to suppositions and wisdom to intelligence. I'm a gamer, an active mother, a worker, and a lover. I'm definetly not a fighter, but I will fight for the ones I love. My husband recently joined the Army and will be shipped out for Boot and AIT the end of May; so I am also a military wife.