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I'm Mikaela I am 21 years old, Born March 21, 92. I am know Married to my best friend since February 26 2013. Newest news here lately we got Paylin a new puppy names Gandee Leonidas. He is a Boxer, Paylin loves him more than anything! Paylin is now 20 months old, she is learning to potty train! she is such an amazing little girl, she is my baby! she has taught me so much, I have never loved someone or something so much.
Paylin Irene Hope was born Sept. 30 2011 at 3:08p.m. When they handed me Paylin for the first time ever It was the best feeling in the world, I love her so much. She is the best thing that has ever happend to me. She is the sweetest, friendliest, happiest baby I think I know. I always thought that little girls was all about their daddys but I guess I was wrong because Paylin is a mommys girl and I love it.

When I went to Labor. It was Sunday morning I was having contractions 4 minutes apart I dilated to 4 and the other doctor sent me home. That Thursday I had a doctors appointment and I asked him if he would just induce me, he looked at his watch and then asked me if Friday morning was okay. I started crying like baby thanking him for it and everything. Well at 4:30a.m. I fixed me something to eat got a shower and got everything together. Got there at 5:45a.m. got settled, got paper work done and then at 9 something that morning he broke my water and started me on pitiocen! At around 1:30 or so I got my epidural they checked me and said I was dilated 6. A few minutes later they checked me and told me I was ready to push. After 45 minutes of pushing I had my beautiful baby girl. Her Daddy was so in love with her all he did was stared and took pictures. We are very happy parents. I will not be the first to tell you being a teen parent is hard and I will not be the last. Some people see the happy baby part and see all the sweet little things a baby does, but is isnt just that its way harder than it looks . you have to give them all of you attention and even when they are sleeping you still have to pay attention its some what of a break but not what you think.. you cant just lay your baby down on a bed and walk away. being a mommy is a 24 hour job. you dont get to quit after an 8 hour shift. i love being a mommy i wouldnt trade it for the world.