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My name is Katie! I am 21 years old, showed my face to the world February 14th 1991!! I am married to my best friend, Jonathan Minier! We have been together since January 2nd, 2011. Yes, we moved fast but I wouldnt trade it for the world. He is the best daddy to my children Jackson Andrew, born August 14th, 2009; and Sophie AnneMarie, born Febrary 15th, 2011. Jonathan and I expecting our 3rd child March 8th, 2012, Peyton Olivia.

First Trimester
1 to 4 weeks= Positive Pregnancy Test! DONE!!
5 to 8 weeks= DONE!!
9 to 13 weeks= started bleeding; found out that my placenta and uterus were separating and that I HAD to be on bed rest until I stopped bleeding. DONE!!
Second Trimester
14 to 17 weeks= stopped bleeding at 17 weeks; 16 weeks ITS A GIRL! DONE!!
18 to 21 weeks= IM STILL A GIRL! DONE!!
22 to 26 weeks= DONE!!
27 to 30 weeks= DONE!!
31 to 35 weeks= YEP STILL A GIRL and I WEIGHT 5LBS ALREADY AT 32 WEEKS. Peyton Olivia was born Feb. 6th 2012 at 8:48am. 35weeks gestation. weighing in at 7lbs 3oz. 19in long.
36 to 40weeks=DIDNT MAKE IT TO 36 WEEKS