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Hey, My name is Angela! Im 22 years young. I just got Married Febuary 14th 2011 to Beau Garton, my Husband, and the love of my life...He is my world! I LOVE Pink, And I Love Summer. Im Pretty Outgoing, And i love to Laugh. I have been through alot just in the last few years, but I have become a stronger person out of it. January 3. 2007 i gave birth to identical twin boys and i was only 21 weeks pregnant. Kaleb and Kasey each weighed 1/2 a pound and they lived for only 2 hours. Then on June 28, 2008 I went into labor at 24 weeks pregnant and gave birth by c-section to my baby girl Kalaya. She was born so early but she still faught for her life. She lived for 4 days and her kidney's failed on her because of how early she was born. She weighed 1 1/2 pounds. I miss my kids and love them sooo much! R.I.P. Kaleb, Kasey, and Kalaya Garton! I believe everything happens for a reason!
We just found out I am pregnant again, and i am due March 15, 2012. We couldn't be more excited, and we are ready to hopefully keep this baby in to term. I go in for surgery in a few weeks to get a circlage and the doctors are keeping me under their microscope to make sure we do not lose this baby!