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Age 26
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Work Stay at home mom
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Interest Swimming, walking my dogs, family and friends
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Due Jan 17, 2013
I am a married 23 year old. The husband and I are expecting our second child. We are due January 18, 2013 and couldn't be more excited. We already have a little animal family that includes 3 dogs and a cat and of course Brooklynn.

We were blessed with a little girl on November 18, 2011! She is absolutely precious. We had a pretty exciting delivery but she is such an easy baby! She had her days and nights straight since she left the hospital! At 2 months she is sleeping 6 to 7 hours at night. She rolls over from her back to her stomach and she is always so alert! Number one thing that makes me love her even more? Her beautiful smile that she gives me every time she sees me:) The animal babies adjusted extremely well and very quickly. The dog that was really my little princess is now so protective of Brooklynn I almost think she would eat anybody that even looked at Brooklynn funny! Absolutely love life!!!

Brooklynn is now 9 months old. The easy baby has turned into a wild child;) She crawls every where, stands and walks along things, loves her walking toys, says hey, hi, mama, and dada. She is working on being nice to the fur animals. My favorite thing about her lately is hearing her say "ma ma ma" all the time! She has been having some problems sleeping lately but we are working on that.

We are expecting a new bundle of joy in January! It is a little sooner than we had planned but we are super excited. August 27th we go for an ultrasound and hopefully we will be able to find out the sex. If we can we will be planning a gender reveal party for sometime in October!