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10 Most Insane Waterslides In The World


The beginning of summer is heralded with the opening of pools and water parks. While it’s hot and boiling outside, nothing is more refreshing than taking a dip in some cool water. If there is anything that we all anxiously enjoyed while we were kids, it was going to the water park and repeatedly taking rides on as many water slides as possible. With the combination of water and slick swimsuits, high speeds can be achieved, and death defying drops can get even scarier knowing that there isn’t much to keep you on the slide. That means that sliding down a half-tube with high velocity make the thrills all the more attractive. Today, architects and designers are creating crazier slides each year, waiting to be introduced to the public. Water slides are almost enjoyed by everyone universally, as there is endless fun in water play.
Here are some of the most insane water slides in the world. From death defying drops to crazy twists and turns, these water slides take the art of summer fun up a notch, and will continue to attract kids and thrill seekers regularly as the demand for stimulated fun is on the rise. The higher the water slide, the more popular it becomes. Of course, regulations are commonly in place now and people don’t want to risk their lives while in their swim trunks. The slides on this list pass the safety tests and are ready for you to enjoy when the time is right.