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The Most Inappropriate Messages In Kids Shows


Just when you thought all your favourite kid’s shows were supposed to be innocent entertainment, a few sex jokes and adult humour had to ruin you or your kid’s childhood. But as a writer for shows aimed towards young audiences, they know adults are usually at bay supervising the content pouring through children’s heads. In order to make the show interesting for both age groups, racy or inappropriate moments are inserted into these types of shows but subtle enough to usually go way over the heads of young kids.
Since the early 1900’s, cartoons have always been a gateway to escapism for children and adults alike. As the animation evolved, so did the story content. We went from playful episodes of a then, black and white, Mickey Mouse (which was basically two minutes of watching a mouse steering a boat, whistling and bopping his head to music straight out of the prohibition era), to Stewie Griffin, creating a time machine and plotting to kill his mother. We’ve come a long way…
The question here is, just how far can some cartoons push it before they are down right offensive? In this video, we take a look at some of todays most inappropriate messages in kids shows that might be encouraging your kids to drink, sexually harass females and to avoid going to Brazil (you have to watch).
Studies show that 80% of parents watch cartoons with their children and by the look of some of the content, it is easy to see how adults can enjoy the same shows their kids are watching. From offending an entire city to earning itself a name for a disorder caused by watching, these are the creme de la creme of OMG. Watch the video and prepare yourself for some real shockers…