10 Adorable One Syllable Girl Names

Finding out the gender of your baby is always exciting. Once you find out that you're having a girl, your mind will start to go into several different directions. You'll wonder what will she look like and how should you decorate her room. Then you'll ask yourself the biggest question of them all: what name will you give this little girl?

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It'll take a lot of time to choose a name for your baby girl that will be perfect, especially if you're looking for a sweet and simple name. We've come up with a list of the 10 most adorable one-syllable baby girl names to make this process easier for you and your partner.

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10 Kate

Kate is a charming name to give to any baby girl. According to Names.org, the name Kate means pure. By giving this name to your little one, it will be a memento for her to live her life in a pure way and not let anyone else decide what she should do with it.

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What parent wouldn't want their daughter to follow her heart? Kate has been a popular name for girls for several years. And in the United States alone, more than 1,100 parents chose this name for their daughter in 2017.

9 Rose

Rose is a timeless name to give your little girl. Of course, this baby girl name is inspired by the flower, so it's a perfect name to give to your beautiful daughter. This name will remind her to live her life as she wants and that people will admire her since many people admire how delicate roses are.

In 2017 in the U.S.,  over 2,000 girls were born with the name Rose, according to Names.org.

8 Dawn

Dawn is a lovely name that any girl would love to have. As Names.org says, the name Dawn means new beginnings, such as the sun coming up for a new day. This is the perfect name to encourage your daughter to start every day fresh and with a happy mindset (even if she didn't have a great day before that).

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It's important to live in the moment and not be stuck in the past so you have a live without any regrets. Give your daughter a name like Dawn so she keeps looking forward.

7 Paige

Paige is a delightful name to give your daughter and she will love this name at any stage of her life.

According to  Names.org, the name Paige means assistant, so this means that your daughter will work on many great things throughout her life with the help of others. And what parent doesn’t want their children to achieve whatever form of greatness they are looking for in their lifetime? Although this name hasn't been chosen very much in the last few years, over 1,600 parents chose this name for their babies in 2017.

6 Faith

If you're looking for a religious and hopeful name to give to your daughter, then you want to think about giving your little one the name Faith.

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Faith means “gift from God” as reported by Names.org. Every parent knows that a baby is truly an amazing gift. By selecting the name Faith for your little one, it will remind her that her life is a gift and to follow whatever she wants to do with her life. Faith has always been a popular choice for baby girl names. Over 2,500 parents went with this name in 2017.


5 Claire

Claire is a beautiful name to give to your daughter if you are looking for a simple yet stunning name. Claire means clear/transparent and bright, according to Name.org. This name would encourage your daughter to always be transparent and honest with what she is thinking and feeling. This will definitely allow her to live her best life!

Over the past ten years, the name Claire has been chosen more and more by parents. In 2017, there were over 4,600 baby girls born with this name in the United States alone.

4 Tess

Tess is a lovely baby girl name that is also uncommon. This name is perfect for parents who want to choose a unique name for their daughter that still sounds beautiful.

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And with a little over 200 parents selecting this name for their little one in 2017, as stated by Names.org, we can ensure that your daughter will be the only one in her class with this name. Once they hear it, other parents will wish that they had chosen this name, too!

3 Mai

Mai is an adorable name that would be perfect for any little baby girl to have. And Names.org states that the name Mai means flower.

Since this name sounds soft and sweet, any baby girl named Mai is bound to be just as precious. Only 34 girls got this name in 2017 so it's a name that you want to consider. Don't make the same mistakes as other parents and make sure to put it on your list.

2 Jade

If you are looking for a beautiful and strong name for your little one, then you want to give her the name Jade. When spoken, this name isn't as soft and feminine as some other baby girl names. It's a name that parents will love to give their daughters.

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In 2017, in the United States, over 2,700 parents used the name Jade for their daughter’s, as reported by Names.org. So choose a name that your daughter is sure to love and give her the name Jade!

1 Bay

Bay is a gorgeous name to give to any little girl. Bay is also a perfect name that your daughter will be able to grow into and still sound perfect no matter what age she is. And if you and your partner love nature, Bay is also a great name for you to choose since a bay is a small area of water near a shore, according to Names.org. Give your daughter a name that is not only simple and elegant but is also related to nature.

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