10 Amazing Welcoming Newborn Traditions Around The World!

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10 Japan 

It is very common for mothers to keep their children's first lock of hair or first pair of baby shoes. However, in Japan, parents will save the umbilical cord. 

The hospitals will keep the umbilical cord and put it in a wooden box to give to the mothers as they exit the hospital. In the box, you will often find a small doll that envelops the cord. They believe that this will ensure a positive relationship between mother and child.

9 Denmark & Sweden

Nordic parents have a very unique tradition and take on nap time. It's actually part of their daily routine because they believe the positive effects of cold air and that it helps a child sleep and eat better. 

They put their children outside for their afternoon naps. They will put them on a balcony or sidewalk and the parents will then go enjoy free time. Even daycares participate in this and will put the child outside even in -5 Celsius weather. Businesses have also gotten involved by creating products that will beep when the child wakes up so they can go get the baby from outside.

8 Egypt 

In Egypt, they follow a tradition in which the mother places the baby in a large sieve and gently shakes it. This is to help the newborns get accustomed to the vagaries of life. 

After some slight shaking, the baby is put on the floor with a knife on their chest to ward off evil spirits. The mother then side-steps over her child's body seven times to ward off bad spirits again.

7 Armenia

In Armenia, after the child has gotten their first tooth, they have a celebration called "Agra Hadig."

They put the baby on the floor and surround the child with symbolic objects such as a spatula, tape, stethoscope and more. They will then wait for the child to pick and object and whatever the child picks will indicate his/her future.

6 China

In China, they celebrate the first month of life of a newborn with a full moon ceremony. 

On the child's 30th day of life, the family and friends will gather and exchange gifts. A popular gift that is exchanged are Red Dyed Eggs which symbolizes the changing process of life. The celebration itself resembles a baby shower but after the baby is born.

5 Jamaica

According to Jamaican tradition, the mother takes the after birth and cord and buries it in a special location and plants a tree on top of it. 

The tree is there to symbolize responsibility in life and the child should see the tree as a beginning of his/her life and take care of it. 

This is where the Jamaica n saying "Home is where your navel string is buried" comes from.

4 Bali

In Bali, parents believe that their baby's feet should not touch the ground in order to preserve health until their 210th day of life. 

They consider babies as a divine being which has descended from heaven. When the child is finally allowed to touch the ground, it symbolizes their crossing over to becoming a full human.

3 Trinidad and Tobago

In Trinidad and Tobago, when family and friends come to see and visit the newborn baby, they often put money in the baby's hand as a symbol to bring them prosperity and good blessings. 

Another tradition says that parents do not allow people to come over after 6 pm because they believe that the evening dew will cause the baby to get sick.

2 Nigeria

On the 7th day after birth for a baby girl and on the 9th day for a baby boy, the child is blessed. parents and baby are given water to prevent enemies, palm oil to have a smooth and easy life, bitter kola that have a long life, and salt and pepper to give them a sweet life filled with excitement. 

The child is then given several names by family members and friends, usually according to the circumstances surrounding their birth. It is very common for a child to end up with 20 names or more.

1 Malaysia 

In Malaysia, they take extra precautions to protect against postpartum depression. 

After giving birth, the new mother will go through a "Pantang" also known as a confinement period of 44 days. She will then receive a hot stone massage to cleanse the womb and a full body exfoliation which will chase away possibilities of postpartum. 

Also mothers are not allowed to do anything but nurse their child. The husbands and families take care of all chores!

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