10 Baby Girl Symptoms In The First Trimester (And 10 That Mean It’s A Boy)

It’s one of the first things that pregnant moms wonder, are they expecting a boy or girl? Many find out what gender their baby will be from sonograms. However, if this isn’t an option or you choose not to find out, are there other symptoms that can point towards the gender of the baby?

There are certainly medical tests that can be done that can give a good indication of what the gender of the baby will be. A sonogram after 20 weeks will be able to assess what the gender is, depending on how the baby is lying, although this has been proven wrong.

There is also an amniocentesis test that takes fluid from the amniotic sac sampling that takes a tiny sample of the placental tissue. Both of these tests are regarded as accurate in determining the gender of the baby.

Many parents choose not to find out the gender through testing. Are there ways that nature gives the mom that give her a sneak preview of whether the baby will be a boy or a girl? Or are they just old wives’ tales with no basis in fact?

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20 Girl: Carrying Around The Middle

Again, this is a theory that women will tell you is proof, while there appears to be no science behind it. If the baby weight is centered around the stomach and the bump is wider rather than a neat ball-shaped round, don’t be surprised if people tell you that it is a girl.

There doesn’t appear to be real evidence to back this up. The size of the mom during pregnancy is mostly related to the way she looked before she was pregnant and how her body weight was distributed then. This will no doubt not stop people telling moms that they swore by this rule and that it is accurate!

19 Girl: Severe Morning Sickness

If a mom is having bad morning sickness, the theory is that she is more likely to be having a baby girl. A higher percentage of pregnant moms who suffered from severe morning sickness ended up having girls. This is thought to be because of higher levels of estrogen in the baby.

There is some scientific back-up to this theory. Carrying a baby girl will increase a woman’s level of estrogen and this is known to cause sickness. However, as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, found out, extreme morning sickness can occur with boys as well. the Duchess suffered from hyper gravida with all three of her pregnancies and only one baby is a girl.

18 Girl: Breakouts And Oily Skin

48377102 - woman squeezing pimples in her cheek, look at the mirror

Pregnancy is meant to be a time for blooming, but some women find that their skin breaks out in spots and pimples. This is said to be a sign that a mom-to-be is expecting a girl, but if the skin is clear and pimple free it is more likely to be a boy.

Skin is apt to change during pregnancy because of a change in hormones, but also because blood volume is increased to help the baby to develop, so more blood is pumped all over the body, including the face, according to Very Well Family.

17 Girl: Left One Grows Bigger Than Your Right

Get several.

Women will find many changes in their breasts during the nine months of pregnancy and most will notice an increase in size. It is not unusual to go up a cup size or two during the nine months. However, according to Made for Mums, if the left breast grows at a faster rate than the right, this is a sign that the mom is expecting a girl, and if the right one grows bigger, it is a sign of a boy.

Breast tissue will grow and change in pregnant moms as the breasts prepare for feeding a baby. Possibly one might grow at a different rate than the other, but there isn’t any basis for this being an indication of gender.

16 Girl: Severe Mood Swings

Due to the number of hormones being produced by a pregnant body, it is understandable that a pregnant mom will suffer from mood swings. However, one theory is that these severe mood swings signify that a mom is expecting a girl.

According to American Pregnancy, this symptom is very common in pregnant women. Apart from the increase in hormones, it is a time of change for parents and some may feel stressed by the prospect of what is going to happen. Tiredness plays a big part in mood swings too, regardless of the sex of the baby, and most pregnant women are extremely tired!

15 Girl: Your Face Looks Rounder

The old wives’ tales also say that if a mom’s face grows fuller and rounder this is because she is expecting a baby girl. Bizarrely, if a mom’s nose grows bigger during pregnancy, some will swear that’s a prediction of a baby girl too!

As the mother gains weight all over her body, the face will fill out and pregnant moms are likely to suffer from some water retention too. This swelling, known as edema is a normal symptom of pregnancy, although if it gets very bad it is worth getting it checked out in case it is a symptom of preeclampsia.

14 Girl: You Sleep On Your Right Side

When you wake up from some much-needed rest, check which side you slept on. Some believe that it is possible to tell the sex of the baby from which side the mom sleeps on. If she sleeps on her right side, it’s a girl, if she sleeps on the left, it’s a boy!

Pregnant moms, particularly in the first trimester, will probably not care which side they are sleeping on as long as they are sleeping! Growing a baby is hard work and the body will respond by giving the mom extreme fatigue. Don’t worry if this is happening in the first trimester, the second is meant to be the time for energy and vitality!

13 Girl: You’re Past The Due Date

Later in the pregnancy, moms who go beyond their due date are more likely to have girls. If a baby is born on time it is more likely to be a boy. So, if the pregnancy goes beyond 40 weeks, the belief is that it is more likely to be a girl.

The exact dates of a pregnancy are variable. A sonogram is the best indicator of dates as pregnancy is taken from the first day of a woman’s cycle rather than the date of conception. Even sonograms can’t predict whether a baby will be especially big or small, so a due date is still only a guide and many babies, boys, and girls, are born after the 40-week mark.

12 Girl: Quick Fetal Heart Rate

Past moms swear that they can tell if they are having a baby girl if the fetal heart rate is fast. According to this belief, if the rate is over 140 beats per minute this means it is a girl. The science behind this is that a baby girl tends to be smaller, therefore has a quicker heart rate.

Midwives will check the baby’s heart rate to make sure that all is well, and it can range from 130 up to 160 beats per minute, but as to this being a factor in the gender of the baby, the jury is out. There will be plenty of moms with girls who will say they heard a low heart rate and plenty of moms who have given birth to whoppers. So much for the small baby theory!

11 Girl: You’re Carrying High

There seems to be no sound proof of this old wives’ tale, but this will not stop women from predicting the sex of the baby from where the mom is carrying the bump. If the bump is high, mothers will swear that means that the baby is a girl. If the baby is low, then you will be told it is a boy.

Although there doesn’t seem to be evidence of this being based in science, there will be no shortage of well-meaning strangers and friends telling expectant moms that they can definitely tell from this sign. Belly Belly says that there is no doubt they will have numerous examples to back up this ‘fact.’

10 Boy: Carrying Your Baby Out Front

If the bump is high and round like a ball, this is meant to be a sign that it’s going to be a boy. So say the old wives anyway. Apparently, if the bump is all out front and the mom hardly looks pregnant from the back this is somehow meant to predict that a boy is on the way.

If a woman gains weight in her legs this is also said to be a sign of a boy. Down to the feet; colder feet are also said to be a sign of expecting a boy. Cold feet and hands are a symptom of a slower circulation due to the volume of blood in the body when pregnant.

9 Boy: Shiny Hair

Moms say that when they were expecting boys, their skin and hair were luscious and there was a definitive glow about them. Their hair was shiny and in great condition. During pregnancy, the hormones do have an effect on hair, but rather than making it thicker and longer because it is growing more, it is actually because the hormones mean you are losing less hair. The hair on the rest of the body is said to grow faster when a boy is due too, so stock up on the razors.

While you are admiring your shiny hair in the mirror, you might try out another old wives’ tale. One other bizarre test is that if a mom stares into a mirror for a minute, the pupils will dilate!

8 Boy: You Had A Dream About Having A Girl

Many people love to analyze dreams and believe that they predict or explain events in life, either past or present. Some believe that we dream about the opposite of what is going to happen. For instance, if we dream of death, there may be a birth in our lives.

Similarly, some say that if mom-to-be dreams of having a baby girl they will actually be having a girl, and vice versa.

Dreams are certainly more vivid in pregnancy and this is believed to be because of deeper sleep and also because of worries and concerns about the impending birth.

7 Boy: The Girls Get Darker

Nipples do change during pregnancy in color, size, and texture. Traditionally, it is believed that if the areolas darken and become very brown in color, it is a sign of a baby boy. If the areola stays pink and light, then supposedly this is a sign that a girl is on the way.

Pigmentation does alter in pregnancy, and it is very common for women to have patches of darker skin and for freckles to become more noticeable. Some women, expecting boys or girls, develop what is known as the mask of pregnancy, which is dark areas of skin on the face.

6 Boy: You Have Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a condition that affects some women in pregnancy, although it is usually later in pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is statistically more common in moms who are expecting a boy, although doctors don’t know why it occurs in some women and not others.

If it does occur in the first half of pregnancy, it is a sign that your body cannot produce enough insulin to break down the sugars in the bloodstream. It is worth being tested for this condition as it can produce larger babies. It can also increase the risk of pre-eclampsia, and in severe cases can lead to stillbirth.

5 Boy: The Line Goes Beyond

Pigmentation changes during pregnancy as hormonal changes take place. This can occur all over the body but is very often present in the form of a linea nigra on the mom’s stomach.

This is a line that extends vertically over the bump and fades after pregnancy when hormonal levels have gone back to normal. Some say that if the linea nigra stops at the belly button this is a sign of a girl and if a mom has a line that extends beyond the belly button, this is a sign of a boy.

However, not all moms develop a linea nigra and some develop one in a first pregnancy and then not in a second, so it isn’t a reliable predictive test.

4 Boy: Extreme Heartburn

for some reason, some moms believe that if a pregnant mother suffers from bad heartburn this is an indication that they are having a boy. One explanation for this might be that baby boys tend to be bigger and therefore the uterus grows bigger and compresses the stomach more.

Heartburn is caused by the uterus squashing the stomach, as well as the production of more acid in the stomach when pregnant. This is because digestion is slowed down from hormone production, so the acid is produced and the excess travels back up the esophagus causing this painful condition.

3 Boy: Craving Savory Foods

Women who are expecting girls are supposed to crave all manner of sweet treats, whereas women who are expecting a boy are more likely to be craving chips, steak and everything savory.

This does appear to have some evidence among moms, although not scientific. Moms who are stocking up on donuts and chocolate may be told they are having girls.

While cravings are a natural part of pregnancy, one theory about why we crave certain foods is that our body has a deficiency in a certain vitamin or mineral, rather than an indication of the baby’s gender.

2 Boy: Darker Liquids

If your urine is a very dark yellow color and is darker than usual, this is said to be a sign that you are expecting a boy.

If you trip on the way to the bathroom you might be expecting a boy too. Excessive clumsiness is a common symptom of pregnancy but is more common in moms expecting boys, according to Stiletto Me Up. If the urine is paler and cloudy, it’s likely to be a girl.

However, pale urine is also associated with someone who drinks a lot of water and darker urine with someone who is dehydrated, so the theory falls down here a bit!

1 Boy: Dry Hands

Predicting the sex of the baby could be as easy as looking at the mom’s hands. Bizarre as it seems, there is a belief that if a mom is carrying a girl, her hands are soft, whereas if a boy is on the way, hands are more likely to be dry and cracked!

There is evidence that hormones change the skin condition and that the skin stretches in pregnancy, but whether or not dry skin really does lead to a boy is debatable. Still, if the hand cream is running out, it may be time to head for the blue section in the baby aisle!

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