10 Baby Names That Mean "Angel"

Parents spend a lot of time thinking of the perfect names for their little angels, so why not pick one with a divine meaning?! There are so many adorable baby names with the meaning "angel" that expecting parents may have a difficult time deciding!

Sure, if you really want to let people know your child is an angel, you can go with straightforward names such as "Angel" or "Angelica," but there are plenty of other options! Names such as Leo and Ariel also have angelic backgrounds that are perfect for your sweet bundle of joy!

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We've rounded up our 10 favorite baby names that mean "angel" to help you pick the perfect one for your little prince or princess!

10 Malach

The name "Malach" is not only rarely used and beautiful, but also means "angel" from its Hebrew origin. Pronounced "Mah-lahk," this name is very similar to "Malachi." Malachi was a messenger in the Old Testament with the name meaning "my messenger" or "my angel." While both of these names are stunning, "Malach" is a bit more uncommon, which means your angel baby will not have the same name as his peers.

9 Seraphina

We love this beautiful baby girl name! Not only is this baby name stunning, but it also has a great meaning. It's derived from the word "seraph," which were angels known as the "fiery ones." Basically, "Seraphina" means a fiery-winged angel and we think that's so cool!

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If "Seraphina" is too long for your little one to say or write in their early years, you can always go with a cute nickname such as "Phina," which is super sweet, too! The name is pretty straightforward to pronounce as well as it is simply said as spelled. Overall, it's a great option when looking for the perfect baby name!

8 Raziel

This name is so different and not overused, and that's why we love it so much! Raziel is an archangel who guards secrets, according to Judaism, and therefore is known as the angel of mysteries. This is such a fun name to say and can even be shortened into the spunky little nickname "Raz." It's not surprising to know parents have picked this angel name for both girls and boys!

7 Ariel

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The name is said to mean "lion of God" with Ariel being an angel of nature. It's a cute name with an even better meaning! If you don't want the common spelling of "Ariel," it can also be spelled "Ariael" for a slight twist on the moniker. Another great thing about this divine name is the fact it can be used for both boys and girls! How perfect!

6 Zerachiel

Zerachiel is an archangel, according to Jewish literature, who is said to be an angel of healing and mercy. He is also said to be an angel of the sun and children, which makes this a perfect angel name for a baby boy! The name may be a bit tough to say at first glance, but is basically pronounced as it appears: "Zee-ra-kiel." If your child has a hard time saying it, several cute and short nicknames, such as Zeke, can be made using this angelic name.

5 Evangeline

We find this angelic name to be both sophisticated and timeless! This name has a Greek origin that is said to mean "good angel" as well as "bringer of good news." And what's not to love about someone who brings good news?!

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While we may not hear this name too often today, it definitely deserves to be considered by expecting parents looking for a sweet, classic angel name! To make it a bit more feminine, you can opt for the version "Evangelina," with the nickname "Lina" as another option.

4 Michelangelo

Both names "Michael" and "Angelo" mean angel in their respective origins. Michael was an archangel with a name meaning "one who is like God." The Italian name "Angelo" quite literally means angel, so both names combined make a heavenly baby name! To make it an even better option for your baby boy, Michelangelo is a classic and timeless name with plenty of nicknames to go along!

3 Celeste

How cute is this name for a baby girl?! We personally love its classic sound and how feminine it is! While it may not mean exactly "angel," its French origin means "heavenly." And what a heavenly name it is!

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It is also said to mean "the one born in heaven like an angel," and that's pretty impressive! Not only does this name have a beautiful ring to it, but it has an even more beautiful meaning. Any baby girl would be lucky to be called "Celeste!"

2 Gabriel

It's probably not surprising that such a biblical name as "Gabriel" also relates to angels. After all, Gabriel is a well-known angel with a name meaning "devoted to God." This name is a bit more popular, but for good reason! It's a timeless name with a few cute nicknames. You really can't go wrong picking this class name for your angelic little boy! Another plus to this super sweet name is the fact people will not mispronounce it as it is a bit more common than some other angel-inspired names.

1 Angelique

As with Michelangelo, this baby name incorporates the word "angel." While "Angel" works for both boys and girls, this name option has a strong feminine touch that we are obsessed with! The French origin of "Angelique" literally means "angelic," which all babies are! This angelic moniker is a great choice for parents looking for a gorgeous and classic baby girl name to grace their new addition!

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