10 Things Moms Regret Not Buying Before The Baby Comes (And 5 You'll Waste Money On)

Omg! There is a baby on the way! What is one to do? Do we have everything? The baby shower was a blast but did we get everything we will need for the little one? Are we missing anything? Do we need that Baby Bullet? I mean, eventually we will, right? When the baby starts eating solids which is inevitable so let us get it now to not have to think about it later. Well, that is one scenario then there is this one: we are having a baby but certain things can wait most things. How much could this little person need? I plan on breastfeeding, therefore, I do not need bottles. There are just too many things out there we really do not need and should just hold off getting if at all. Then the baby arrives and the one hour feedings become harder because we decided that rocker was not necessary when there is the bed to sit on. There are just some things that would make the whole process of caring for a newborn a bit easier which, let us face it, is best as opposed to being unnecessarily stressed or overworked. Here is a list of things moms regret not buying before the baby arrives and some they have wasted their money on.

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15 Regret: Humidifier

So the baby’s nursery or wherever the baby will be sleeping is one of the best aired rooms within the whole home. Mom assumes she does not need a humidifier because there really could not be fresher air entering for the baby to breathe easy, right? Wrong! There are many uses for a humidifier that is more specific for a newborn than what an adult would consider for themselves. Newborns are coming from a place where practically everything was done for them, including breathing. Once out of the womb and on this earth they are still working on mastering the art of breathing. A humidifier makes sure that every breath they take is moist enough to allow better air every time. Then there is the white noise factor which every mom would advise you to not overlook the importance of. Newborns are very light sleepers to which the humming of a humidifier drowns out outside noise as they sleep. Therefore, humidifiers provide a twofer making them worth investing in.

14 Regret: Rocking Chair/Glider

Rocking chairs are for breastfeeding moms and I plan on giving my baby formula. Or, you plan on having your baby next to you and will be picking baby up to feed baby while sitting on your bed. There is no need to spend so much money on a glider. Oh, but there is. Those multiple late night feedings are not easy but are constant. Though baby will weigh next to nothing the constant feedings while sitting on a surface that provides minimal to no back support like a bed will eventually start taking its toll. Gliders provide good back support. Then there is the rocking motion. Added bonus. Newborns are accustomed to the rocking motion while they were in the womb. Ever notice how much more active baby was in the womb once you were in bed? That is because you were not being mobile. Those nights when there is not calming baby down, a rocker could be your savior. Do not cheat yourself out of it!

13 Regret: Swinger/Bassinet

I do not need a bassinet. I already bought the crib and that is all I need. Why would I spend money on a bassinet or swinger to then have to transition my baby to a crib after just three months of use?! No way! Yes, way! Totally worth it. Yes, there is a chance that you are one of those lucky moms whose newborn is an excellent sleeper that knocks right out as soon as the baby is placed in any surface but most just is not. The crib is a HUGE scary place. Yes, you can swaddle but be prepared to walk over to another room or even across the room in the middle of the night every one to two hours. Trust me, sounds easier than it really is once you have been awakened from deep sleep by baby’s hunger cries. A bassinet by your bedside will allow you to easily grab the baby and take care of their need without you having to go far. A bassinet will also allow you to not have to get up each time you wonder if the baby is still breathing. It will happen. And a swinger will be great for the above as well as for those babies that sleep better while in motion. There are even electric ones that rock themselves. Win-win!

12 Regret: Velcro Swaddle

You have received so many really nice muslin wraps during your baby shower for when baby arrives. The hospital will show me how to swaddle and I am sure I will get it. Or not. Most mommies cannot swaddle to save their lives. Or most babies are just great escape artists. Whether you plan on swaddling or not, velcro swaddles are a good investment to have in hand for that one night there just is nothing working to calm the baby down. They are very easy to use and make it way harder for even the most talented Houdini to escape. They can also serve as a backup for when the swaddle blanket just is not doing the trick. They also come in great and fun designs.

11 Regret: Wearable Blanket

Another common baby shower gift are baby blankets. I mean, they are adorable and many come in sets that are hard to just pass by at a store and not purchase. Yes, a newborn will not be doing much moving while asleep, especially if you plan on swaddling, but the newborn, barely moving while asleep stage lasts for a very short time. Soon, before you know it, the baby will be moving around the crib or even in the bassinet. Babies love playing peek-a-boo but unfortunately do not master the “boo” part immediately and often end up needing your help to remove the blanket from their face. Blankets have also been linked to SIDS related deaths. A much better option is a wearable blanket. It is practically an oversized night gown that completely covers baby from neck to toe. The neck circumference should be just wide enough to fit baby’s neck but to not allow room for baby’s head to go beneath it. Keep that in mind when purchasing size.

10 Regret: Newborn Sized Clothing

People have caught on that most of the time you will receive loads and loads of newborn clothes and have started to purchase clothes a bit bigger. They also purchase bigger sizes to fit baby for longer. Though the newborn size and weight will go by pretty quickly it is always a good idea to have a few newborn sized clothing for baby. Bigger sizes could be risky in that they can end up covering the baby’s face as the neck holes are too big. Bigger sizes also do not hug a newborn body which is still learning to regulate their body temperature like newborn sized clothing. Lastly, newborn sized clothing will serve as a wonderful memento to keep for when baby is no longer a baby and is off to college.

9 Regret: Bathing Tub

Who is going to be bathing their newborn? I am not! They are so small and delicate, I would not dare to even think of adding any water or soap to that precious and delicate newborn skin. Bathtub? Waste of money. Well, not exactly. You definitely will not be bathing your newborn everyday but baby tubs are very useful for a quick bath with a wash cloth. Newborns spit up a lot and you definitely do not want it staying on their skin for days. Baths are also recommended for those moments baby is inconsolable. There is nothing like a bath to soothe a baby. The tubs are also versatile and can be used for a few years of the baby’s life. They come with a newborn sling that can be attached and removed for when baby is too big/heavy for it. Trust me, definitely worth a buy. Just remember to not get any water on the baby’s navel until it falls off on it’s own.

8 Regret: Baby Monitor

Bringing a newborn home and finally seeing baby in their nursery where you had always imagined while pregnant can be where it finally hits you. Baby is here. You put baby down for a nap and decide to make yourself a quick bite to eat before baby wakes up. You head to the kitchen and here a thump sound. You run to the nursery, baby is sound asleep. Okay, back to the kitchen and you hear another weird sound, you run to check on the baby - still sound asleep. Sounds like fun, right? Not really. It just seems like every sound is a reason to check on baby and that is warranted. Get a baby monitor! They will allow you to take the most advantage of nap time without having to do any unscheduled exercise.

7 Regret: Tracking App

So you plan on the days being so hectic that you will not have time to track every feeding, every diaper change and how long baby naps and sleeps. Yes, it is a lot but it is a lot that has become fairly simple to track. There are many phone applications that help moms do all of the above mentioned at a convenient rate of time. These apps help a whole lot when you visit the pediatrician and they ask you how baby is sleeping, how many diapers a day, etc. All these relate to baby’s well being and not keeping track could be a disservice for baby. Most of these apps are free with some in-app purchases for added bonuses, some not as necessary. You will be more relieved to know whether your baby is sleeping well or be able to answer whether the reason your baby is cranky during the day is because they actually did not sleep well at night.

6 Regret: Baby Bouncer/Rocker

A baby bouncer/rocker is different than a swinger in that it allows baby to sit up. They usually have toys hanging over them that baby will learn to pull once baby reaches that milestone. Before then baby will just be rocking back and forth or “jumping” up and down using their own body movement and weight. Ever seen a baby in a bouncer? It is probably one of the cutest things! They look like they are having a blast - and they are! Plus, while they are busy “bouncing away” you can be busy prepping dinner, grabbing a snack, squeezing in some yoga time or whatever you want. Baby is entertained! They are portable therefore you can place it someplace visible while you do what you need to do.

5 Waste Of Money: Diaper Pail

Diapers stink. It is a clear fact. Baby’s are cute but their poop is not. Not even to their mom. Right? Therefore you are thinking of investing in or adding to your registry a diaper pail. What a great idea. That way your trash will not fill up so quickly and you can easily toss away the diapers on the daily. You will also get to keep them near you where you change the baby to quickly toss dirty diapers. Did you read that? Keep a pail full of dirty, stinky, diapers near where your baby sleeps! Did not think of that huh? The main use of a separate diaper pail is proximity during diaper changes but babies are often changed in their nursery or where they sleep. You definitely do not want that smell in their or your bedroom. Tossing it in the bathroom trash is a quick one-two and you can just toss it out at the end of the day. The bathroom is probably the only place acceptably stinky. Or where you can place an air freshener without affecting baby’s delicate breathing.

4 Waste Of Money: Wipes Warmer

Now this one is just one of those obvious ones that you will definitely not need but just simply want to get just because. Yes, baby wipes are cold to the touch and can startle a tucked in, warm baby once you use to wipe them but they will eventually get used to it. You can use all the space you can get on your changer, or if you even plan on getting one. Either way, huge waste of money. You will eventually just stop using it when you want to make a quick change which will be every time. And sometimes you will not even be changing your baby on the changer. Sometimes you will opt for the bed even. Plus, the warmer will not be with you for outside trips. Baby will still have to get used to a cold wipe.

3 Waste Of Money: Cloth Diapers

Did you know that diapers spend over five hundred years in a landfill? Can you imagine how bad that is for the environment? It is horrible. And if you thought of this, you have every right to feel like it is your responsibility to be part of the solution and not the problem. So you decide that you are going to invest in some cloth diapers. Not only are they adorable but they also are reusable therefore will not be in a landfill with the other dirty non-cloth diapers. Remember, this is a HUGE responsibility that only the brave continue on. This may all go out the window once the baby arrives as it is extremely time-consuming. I am definitely all for protecting the environment but make sure you are one hundred percent ready to make the commitment of doing laundry every day. Otherwise, stick to regular diapers, at least to start off with and then when baby gets older and things are more manageable, switch to cloth.

2 Waste Of Money: Baby Food Maker

Your baby is important to you. The most important person in your life at that. You decide, even before the baby is old enough to have solids, that you will be making baby’s food as opposed to giving baby store bought. You start looking online for ideas and run into all the cute little blenders and food processors specifically for baby food making. How exciting! But also a huge waste of money. Odds are you already have everything you need to make the food. If you have a blender, you are set. If you have a food processor you are also set. Even if you just have a fork or masher, you are set. Baby food needs to be pureed which any of the above can do. You will need to steam the food before pureeing it regardless if you get a baby food maker to puree it.

1 Waste Of Money: Changing Table

You have the crib and all you need is the cute changing table right next to it. Or maybe you are in the process of getting the crib and think it is a great idea to get a two in one, crib with an attached changing table. Both are wrong! You do not NEED a changing table. You simply just need a changing pad and a table you probably already have to place all the changing needs like diapers, wipes and diaper cream. Changing tables are actually pretty high up and pretty scary having a baby up that high even if they are strapped down. Use your bed. It is much easier, much closer to the ground though I am sure you do not plan on leaving baby unattended. Of course, this works only if you plan on having baby sleep in the same room as you which I would also recommend, for the first months.

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