15Regret: Humidifier

So the baby’s nursery or wherever the baby will be sleeping is one of the best aired rooms within the whole home. Mom assumes she does not need a humidifier because there really could not be fresher air entering for the baby to breathe easy, right? Wrong! There are many

uses for a humidifier that is more specific for a newborn than what an adult would consider for themselves. Newborns are coming from a place where practically everything was done for them, including breathing. Once out of the womb and on this earth they are still working on mastering the art of breathing. A humidifier makes sure that every breath they take is moist enough to allow better air every time. Then there is the white noise factor which every mom would advise you to not overlook the importance of. Newborns are very light sleepers to which the humming of a humidifier drowns out outside noise as they sleep. Therefore, humidifiers provide a twofer making them worth investing in.

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