10 Best and Most Romantic Wedding Proposals

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10 Movie Theater Proposal 

Matt loves Ginny! There is no doubt about that. In this video he even includes asking the father's permission. Ginny's brother took her out to see a movie but didn't imagine one of the previews would change her life until she heard and familiar voice!

9 Having Her Plan It

8 Christmas and Music

After dating for the past two years Jeremy knew that Kelli was the one. When he decided he was ready to propose he decided to include her favorite elements in her special moment. He picked her favorite season and reached out to the artist who sings her favorite song. Way to go Jeremy!

7 "Say Yes"

6 Where it all Started

5 Disney is A Magical Place

4 A Search for True Love

3 The Movie Trailer

2 Emergency Proposal! 

1 The Flash Mob

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