10 Best Places To Buy Gender Neutral Baby Clothes

When babies are entering the world, parents and their loved ones are busy shopping for cribs, toys, diapers and—of course—clothing items. While there are necessities that any child needs, we can probably all agree that buying kid clothes is the fun part... perhaps even the best part!

Parents imagine putting tiny Converses and little leather jackets on baby boys, and we dream of buying big bows and frilly dresses for baby girls. But what if we're not finding out the gender? Or what if we just want unisex clothing items? Well, get ready, because down below are 10 of the best places to find these items!

There are several affordable stores that offer staple items that can work for any child, such as onesies, pajamas, and accessories. And there are some random shops, too, where many may be surprised to find cute tops and fun pants for babies.

So whether it's a boy or girl — it does not matter. The 10 places below have numerous options for all the kiddos out there!

10. Carter’s

Carter’s has been around for years, so parents have been purchasing baby items through this shop for quite some time now. And moms and dads who are looking for gender-neutral clothing items will be pleased with the products here. There are onesies with cute sayings, holiday-themed outfits, and accessories that work for baby girls and boys can be found here. While all of the clothing items at Carter’s are possible options for any child, these onesies definitely just jump out and seem like top picks.

9. Target

Target is already a one-stop-shop for many people, including on-the-go parents, so it is nice to know that males and females can buy entire wardrobes here!

Online, Target even has the unisex-baby clothing section divided up into sections, meaning pajamas, socks & shoes, sweaters, and more can be browsed through and purchased (though, of course, an in-person shopping experience would give us all another excuse to go to Target!).

Some of these options even come in sets, such as adorable ones with fuzzy ears! All these sets include various items for babies to wear, which would make great gifts at baby showers.

8. Burt's Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees has been a trusted brand for years, so it makes sense that there is a baby branch within this shop. Plus, it's also nice to know that this brand makes comfy leggings, soft shirts, and more for both baby boys and girls — a parent’s dream when looking for unisex items. In particular, we are loving their v-neck t-shirts for any toddler. It's simple, but could work in so many ways for any child, just as we adults all have those go-to shirts we wear all year long. You can never say no to too many v-necks. 

7. Kohl’s

Many turn to Kohl’s for affordable clothing items for themselves, but parents should head here for gender-neutral baby items! Right now, the store is really pushing all of their PJ sets, since the entire family can be matching during the holiday season. Seriously, if you think these Christmas PJs are adorable, just look at these Thanksgiving pajamas. Any baby would look adorable in these. To be honest, we may or may not already be hunting for a grown-up version...

6. Macy’s

Macy’s is a huge company offering numerous options for millions of customers. And yes, there is a unisex baby shop here, as well! We already know that onesies, tees, and pajamas can be made for both males and females, but just look at this denim jacket; it's one of several layering pieces that can be purchased here for little boys and girls! Just how adults love their denim jackets these days, it's one of those pieces that will last for a while, adding to lots of cute outfits! Just imagine this tiny denim jacket with that Burt's Bee's v-neck above and cute, patterned pants. #Swoon!

5. Buy Buy Baby

Many parents flock here after finding out they are expecting; it has anything and everything a baby could ever want or need — including clothes for either gender. They also have some choice equipment that can make parents' lives a little easier with a fussy newborn. Buy Buy Baby is pretty much a parent's wonderland. And while we're looking at gender-neutral clothing, these bandana bibs, for instance, are perfect for either gender. They're currently all the rage in children’s fashion and can be easily obtained at Buy Buy Baby. How perfect is that? They also have many locations, but if you don't live near one, ordering online is as easy as 1,2,3. 

4. Gap

Gap is known for its basics, and people of all types come here for staple items. If we were shopping for a baby—any baby, boy or girl!—we would stop here and buy this striped romper. Okay, and we might buy a few things for ourselves while we're at it... That's the beauty of GAP! Just imagine a little boy or a little girl enjoying a summer day in this cute little outfit. It is too much to bear!

3. Amazon

Of course, Amazon is on this list! There's nothing you can't find on this wonderland of a website. You can find everything from diapers to formula — all from the seat of your couch!

Amazon is another place to buy staple items from, like packs of white onesies. But unique and fun items can be found via this online shop, too. Imagine colorful pajamas and gift sets galore! We definitely suggest keeping Amazon in mind when creating or shopping for baby registries. It's also way more accessible for friends and family than other stores. 

2. Etsy

Here's another online shop full of anything and everything a parent or baby needs! Etsy is so much more than a place where you can buy crafts and gift items. There are gender-neutral clothing items here, too! Just look at this little camo outfit, for instance. It is perfect to slip on any baby for a cool and casual fall day. In fact, it may be TOO cool... We really need to step up our fashion game if we want to compete with all the kids out there!

1. Old Navy

More affordable staples can totally be found at Old Navy. While this adorable family above are all in matching plaid, they also have amazing thermal-knit leggings (which come in a couple of different colors), too. These, again, can be thrown on for playtime or dressed up a bit for a day out. Everyone—including adults—will be envious of the baby wearing thermal leggings, especially come winter. But the same can be said for these flannels!

So there we have it! Quirky rompers, essential bandana bibs, funny onesies, trendy outfits, holiday-themed PJ sets... All of this and much, much more can be found at these shops. The best part is that these items work for all the baby boys AND girls. How awesome is that!

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