10 Best Ways to Celebrate New Years With Kids! Great Ideas!

10 Dress up

Just because you are staying home does not mean you can't dress up in a pretty dress or a party outfit for your at home celebration! Make it special, or even make it a date with your child. 

9 Decorate with sparkles

Kids love sparkles and lets just admit it, sparkles tend to make things a bit more festive. So don't be afraid to sparkle up the face and even some sparkly eye shadow! 

8 Make fun party hats

You don't even need to spend money to be able to make the greatest party hats. Go to the dollar store or use some of that construction paper laying around. Add some markers, pipe cleaners and even left over tassel from wrapping gifts and go to Pinterest for some of the best DIY ideas. 

7 Have noise makers for the big moment

This is also a great way to entertain kids until the big moment. Have them make some noise makers and use whatever you have in the recycling bin. Empty toilet rolls, paper plates and add some glue, tape, markers and sparkles for decoration. You can use pasta for the noise too! 

6 Celebratory drinks

Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to celebrating in a non-alcoholic way. This works if you have kids or if you are pregnant. Use some nice glasses (for kids, maybe in plastic) as make it fancy. There are so many ways to make yourself and your kids a non-alcoholic bubbly drink. 

5 Celebratory Snacks

Go for it with the snacks. Dip it in chocolate and icing and yes add more and more sparkles. The example above shows some eatable sparklers which are so much fun! Keep it simple and fun! Even better, have the kids help make them in preparation for the count down! 

4 Have some Photo Booth Fun 

By simply using your phone, you can take some really fun photos of you, your kids and your guests. You can go to the Dollar store to pick up supplies and if you feel "artsy," grab some felt and go to town! Add a little double-stick tape and voila! Accessories to make the best New Years Eve photos ever! 

3 Have a sing-along

If you have a Karaoke machine this is even better. Pull out all your favorite tunes and belt them out. The kids will love it and let's be honest, so will you! If you don't have a machine, nothing stops you from putting on your favorite songs, grabbing a hair brush and going to town! 

2 Record and make memories! 

Take out the recorder and record the events leading up to the big count down. What is very popular this year is we have lots of parents interviewing their kids. What did they learn, their favorite memories and what they hope for next year. The younger the kids, the funnier the answers! 

1 Ring in the New Year (even early) 

That's right! The moment has arrived where 2014 will end and 2015 will begin, so do it together. Kisses and hugs all around. If the little ones are too young or you see them falling asleep, no problem. Netflix and youtube will let you have access to an early countdown for kids. You can make it happen at anytime! Plus, this will let you have a special second countdown with your significant other, friends and family! 

Happy New Year! 

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