5-:  Ten Breastfeeding Battles That Will Push You to the Limits

Breastfeeding is a gift to every mother. It is beautiful. A woman’s body is naturally designed to be able to feed her children through her own body. This is what nature intended for you to do. That your body should be enough to provide for what your baby needs to

survive, at least in its first year of life (the longer, the better too!)

Breast is Best

The milk from your breast is BEST. Hospitals are trying to urge mothers to breastfeed their child as soon as the baby is born. If you are having any doubts, just know that the bond that is forged through breastfeeding will be forever priceless. That should be enough motivation and encouragement for you to commit to it and survive it.

Ten Breastfeeding Battles You Will Face

Let me tell you now. Breastfeeding is not easy. It is not just about sticking out your breast, making your baby suckle and that’s that.

There are so many aspects of breastfeeding that you have to learn. It is a journey you have to go through. This is what makes breastfeeding so fulfilling. After all, if you want to give your baby the best, you have to put in your best effort. Without further ado, here are the ten battles you must prepare for:

1.  The Battle of Pain

I don’t mean to scare you, but breastfeeding has its moments of terrible pain. The first stage is the first time the baby suckles. Lactation experts will teach you how to get the right latch. This should help prevent cracked and sore nipples. For some, getting the right latch was the answer. For many, it was not enough.

The first month was the worst for me. I would literally shout and cry once my baby latches. And mind you, my baby was a great latcher! He had the right latch since day 1. But still, I felt so much pain, so much that it made me think twice about continuing my breastfeeding endeavor.

For me personally, the right latch wasn’t enough. I just had to face the reality that my nipples will get sore, simply because my nipples weren’t used to the vigorous sucking. Nipples are very sensitive and when you have a baby sucking every hour and staying latched for at least half an hour, your nipples are bound to be painful. For me, this made total sense, regardless of what others reiterated about the “perfect latch.”

Anyhow, with commitment and perseverance, the pain went away by the second and third month. It will be a breeze from there, at least until your baby has teeth. Nonetheless, I will go through it all over again in a heartbeat. The pain was worth it!

2. The Battle of Doubt

When you were pregnant, the hormonal changes made you very emotional. It is quite the same case after you’ve given birth. Your body is again having hormonal changes, which can make you feel overwhelming emotions.

The emotional and mental battle has a lot to do with breastfeeding, even more than the physical battles you will suffer from. The battle of doubt is one that will plague you in the early months of breastfeeding. Do you have milk? Are you producing enough milk? Is your baby getting the benefits of your milk?

The unsupportive people around you (trust me, there will be a lot of them) will continue asking you the same question, which doesn’t really help at all. They’ll make you feel inadequate, like you are making the wrong decision to breastfeed your child.

The truth behind milk production and milk supply is that as long as your baby demands it, your body will produce it. Breastfeeding is all about supply and demand. As long as your baby latches, the body will get the hint that your baby needs more, thus, producing more milk.

You really have to stop doubting because it is proven that milk supply decreases if you are emotionally or mentally stressed. So stand your ground, be confident in your own body and don’t mind what others say.

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