10 Celeb Dads We Can't Stand, And 5 We Are Crazy For

Let's be honest, ladies. There's something hardwired in most of us that find a good, doting and sweet dad irresistible. We see a man playing peekaboo with a baby and our ovaries tingle. One tried and true way to boost a celebrity's cache with women is to show them being a hands-on dad.

He may be a dirty, rotten scoundrel as a mate, but he's all-in on fatherhood, and good looking to boot, he'll probably get a pass from fans on the extracurriculars in his marriage. But if you never see him at the park, pushing a stroller or tossing a football, chances are women won't be too thrilled with him.

Why we assume we know these people are ludicrous and yet we champion Jennifer Aniston's happiness and revile the newest pop tart in town breaking up marriages and taking no prisoners. Personally, I think we just insert ourselves into other situations and imagine who we are most like, and most identify with and then "join their team." So while we think these guys look like horrid dads or great ones, we will really have to wait another 20 years or so and read their kids' books.

15 Scott Ick--Er, Disick

Generally, people aren't too crazy about dads in their mid-30s dating teenagers, so on that fact, alone people find Scott Disick distasteful for his dalliances with 19-year-old Bella Thorne, and then 19-year-old Sophia Richie, daughter of Lionel and sis to Nicole. Addiction issues abound, from drinking to coitus to shopping, and he has seemingly combined those at times.

For instance, he was wildly spending on some attractive teen "friends." He was hospitalized on a psychiatric hold in August of 2017. He has visited posh rehab spots like a tourist rather than a serious participant. And there was that little incident of leaving his then 2-year-old son in the car on a day when temps boiled up to 107 degrees! Yes, it was probably only about 5 minutes, but the windows were rolled up! For what dire circumstance did he leave the toddler alone in the car? To get some magazines. Oh, well as long as it was important!

14 Lazy Baby Daddy?

Halle Berry's ex-bf and baby daddy, Gabriel Aubrey is a Canadian model, and father of Halle's daughter, Nahla, born in 2008. The couple dated for a few years and things blew up in 2010. She went on to marry Oliver Martinez, a French actor with whom she shares a son, Maceo. That marriage lasted from 2013 to 2016.

On Thanksgiving 2012, Gabriel got a little French butt-kicking from Oliver, which isn't good for grown-up behavior. Halle and Gabriel's post-divorce relationship has been strained at best. At one point she took her ex to court alleging he called her the "n-word," and had been straightening and bleaching daughter Nahla's brunette curls. She believed he was trying to erase her African American heritage.

The judge chastised Gabriel and ordered that neither parent could chemically alter the young girl's hair. In 2015, Berry hauled her ex into court because she stated Gabriel was using her $16,000 a month child support meant to take care of their daughter for his own fitness, cars and such and was avoiding working while living off her dough.

13 Harvey: Family Man?

You've heard quite a lot about Harvey Weinstein over the last few months, but there's very little out there on Harvey as a family man. He has three daughters by his first wife, and a daughter and son with his estranged wife, Georgina Chapman. The kids range in age from daughter Remy or Lily, born in 1995 down to his son Dashiell, aged 5.

Since he's not a shy or retiring man, it seems odd that it's difficult to find any pics with his kids. In October the police were called after Weinstein's argument with his daughter, Remy, grew beyond comfortable levels. Google Weinstein and parenting and instead of seeing Harvey parenting his kids, you find articles on how to raise your sons not to be like Weinstein, and how to raise your daughters not to be a victim of such a man. Not a ringing endorsement, by any measure.

12 Billy Ray = Bad Dad?

Things seem pretty good for Miley Cyrus and her dad these days, but it's not always been the case. The dad country music star/actor and his TV/popstar/child star daughter have had some tough rows to hoe in the past, but if the ink is any indication, they're good now. Miley, now 25, got a tat in March on her foot, with the simple inscription, "DAD."

Billy Ray has been forthright over the years about his parenting mistakes, including too hard to be a friend rather than a dad. He also says that if he had to do it all over again, he'd not brought his young daughter to Hollywood in the first place. The two starred together on her Disney show, Hannah Montana, where her dad played her TV dad, as well. After graduating from kid stardom, she went the raunchy route for awhile and seemed to careen from one bad move to the next. Today she seems happy, settled and successful so hopefully, she'll have survived bad dad mistakes and learned to find her own way.

11 Ben Better

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Maybe you don't like his Batman. Maybe it's his high profile hookups and breakups. Maybe you adore his long-suffering, estranged wife, Jennifer Garner. Or maybe you've never forgiven him for Gigli. (After all, you're only human.) Whatever the reason, people tend to have strong negative or positive feelings for the Good Will Hunting star.

The star couple has tried and tried to keep their marriage together, all in the never-blinking public eye, and when pics emerge of him canoodling with the appropriate last-named Lindsay Shookus it doesn't help. Rumor has he moved the Saturday Night Live producer into his LA home, which is incidentally just up the street from his ex-Jen and kids. Too close for comfort? Apparently Ben and Lindsay had a clandestine thing going on for years, something that the kids probably won't find too endearing. But, regardless of his purported unworthiness as a mate, he does seem to be a doting and involved dad.

10 Dream Dad...Or Not?

Seems you can't kick a rock without hitting a Kardashian on TV somewhere. The brother of the K-Klan, Rob, and his ex-fiancee, Blac Chyna, have fit in perfectly with the drama-drenched bunch. They have gone from over the top PDA to dueling lawsuits and allegations, and their kid, Dream, only turned 1 in November 2017.

It's not an auspicious beginning when Mom got investigated for being unfit due to drug use among other allegations and then Mom gets an order of protection against Dad for abusive behavior, among all kinds of mud slung in between. They even seemed to be competing to throw a bigger first birthday party. Mo' money, mo' problems? Maybe, but it seems most of these problems would be cured with self-control and common sense, courtesy and maybe a touch of decency.

9 Johnny Depp In Role Of Dad

Johnny Depp shares a son and a daughter with his ex-partner of 14 years, Vanessa Paradis, a French actress/singer. Their daughter, Lily-Rose has become a celeb in her own right, landing modeling contracts and acting parts, including an upcoming role in one of her dad's films. Depp has been seen as a heavy party-er since his youth as a young star. He seemed to almost incorporate his Jack Sparrow, Pirates persona into his own since doing the Disney films. But he hasn't led a particularly raucous life until hooking up with and marrying a woman after his break up with Paradis.

Marrying Amber Heard and risking his millions with what some could see as an opportunistic spouse, wasn't his best move. Heard alleged physical and emotional abuse in her abrupt, 15-month marriage to Depp. (Heard later dropped abuse charges, so who knows what really happened!) Depp's daughter stood by dad's side, and so did his ex-partner and baby mama. However, it was an ugly episode for kids to have a front row too. Lily-Rose has shared that her celeb parents weren't too into rules and restrictions, and for that reason, she had no catalyst for rebellion. He may not be a bad dad, the jury's still out, but he's not been a particularly popular one, either in later years.

8 Flipped Out Or A Flop

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HGTV's hit show, Flip or Flop stars the former married couple Tarak and Christina El Moussa, and their two kids, daughter Taylor now 7 and son Braydon, 2. Not many divorced couples would elect to work together, even less so televised for the world to watch every little eye roll, smirk or cold stare. Yet, they are planning on filming another season of their hit home rehab show. Their break up playing out like a soap opera, complete with allegations of infidelity.

Tarak admitted dating the kids' nanny, a 23-year-old, and there were rumors that Christina began her relationship with a contractor from the show while still married. Then came the police to the house, after an argument became too heated and Tarek left the home with a gun. They survived cancer, miscarriages and a very public divorce, so I suppose working together after the break up may not seem all that horrid.

7 Jackie Chan's Non-Action Parenting

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Jackie Chan typically plays such a lovable character in his films, his warmth seems to radiate from the screen as easily as his insane stunts enthrall us. But if you talk to his children, particularly his daughter, you'd see a far different kind of person emerge. Jackie has a son, Jaycee, from his marriage to Taiwanese actress Joan Lin. The couple married in a coffee shop under pressure from the business, in 1982, the same year Jaycee was born.

While married Jackie had a number of alliances with other women, his most famous one was with beauty queen Elaine Ng, who became pregnant by Jackie in her late 20’s. He has never really acknowledged his daughter, and only later the affair. He seemed unfazed that towards the end of 2017 his teen daughter, Etta, had attempted suicide, and then later came out as gay, remarking, "If she likes it, that's fine," despite 17-year-old Etta's lover being a 30-year old woman.

6 Jon's 8 Say Too Late?

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It's been over a decade since we were introduced to the overwhelmed family of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their 8 children. We saw them struggle, then fail, and then seemingly implode, all while cameras rolled. Depending on whom you to, sacrifices were made that hurt the children. Was it allowing cameras into their lives? Was it just too much for any couple to survive? Or was Kate mean and overbearing and Jon too much of a slacker?

After the split, it got easier to blame it all on the man who appeared to flit from one younger girl to the next, and from dead-end job to dead-end job. Today, Jon says he only sees some of his children, and irregularly and that he has no power in the matter. His older daughters, now teens, have lashed out in the media at their dad, saying it's not Mom keeping them away; it's their decision. His last big headline was that he appeared in Vegas at a male strip show...but relax; he kept his clothes on!

And 5 Dads We're Crazy For!

5 Hot And Funny Dads Like Ryan Rule!

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Ryan Reynolds and beautiful wife, Blake Lively seemed an elegant, perfect pair. And then they had kids, and they have been killing it. Not only do they continue to look glamorous, have adorable kiddos, and thriving careers, but perhaps best of all to the fans, they are funny. They tell the truth about parenting, and it makes us relate to them although our bank accounts are worlds apart. For instance, about flying with 2 kids, Ryan said, "I would rather drink a piping hot bowl of liquid rabies than get on a plane with my two children." Or his parenting tips like, "Tip: It's important parents take little "time outs" for themselves too. Even if you feel pretty guilty when you return 14 years later." Or this sweet one, "I'm teaching my daughter that the sun goes down each night because it's mad at her. Probably gonna write a book on parenting at some point."

4 Legendary Dad

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There's something about a good looking man interacting with babies and children that makes a woman's uterus skip a beat. Probably hardwired, evolutionary stuff. Anyway, John Legend already had a ton going for him before he fell in love with Chrissy Teigen and had baby Luna, and a second baby on the way.

His romantic songs and voice charmed the drawers off ladies worldwide, but once everyone saw the way he doted on his wife, and then seemed to be in orbit around Luna, it sealed his popularity with women. He sees fatherhood as impacting his worldview, stating, "'I think being a father helps me understand even more how fragile life can be sometimes and how much it's imperative for us who have so many resources and so much power to try to make other kids' lives better."

3 Ashton As Doting Dad To Two

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When Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher went from old co-stars to a couple, it seemed like a match that worked. Now that they're two kids into life, with daughter Wyatt now 3, and son Dimitri, age 1, we see that indeed, things are working well. They made the news this last holiday season in stating that they are not spoiling their kids, and indulging at Christmas time in particular. Ashton gushes about family, "When my wife and I had these kids and we got to share that amazing, amazing, amazing honor, my first response was, I wanted to call my parents and say, ‘I'm sorry because I never knew how much you loved me." He also recently stated that he's pulled back since becoming a parent on the private side of social media. Now his posts are less on private things and more about social justice and big issues to make the world a better place. Parenting brought him perspective.

2 Hugh's Huge Heart For Family

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Hugh Jackman's mother suffered from postpartum depression and left the family when Hugh was just 8. He knew the angst of a child separated and grieving for a parent, and has vowed to be present in his kids' lives, even with his big, successful stage and film career. Jackman's wife Deborra-Lee Furness is a fellow actor and Aussie, and they share two children, Ava-12, and Oscar, 17.

The couple adopted the children after suffering through miscarriages and failed IVF attempts. They chose to adopt mixed-race children, saying it was, "A no brainer." They realized that was where the need was, and it just made sense. The couple made a pact to never be apart more than 2 weeks at a time, to keep their bond strong, knowing the difficulty of time away from stage/screen families. On being a father, he calls the experience, "unbelievable, tiring, magical… the most challenging role I’ve ever had." The thing it most taught him? "Patience."

1 The Rock As The Dad

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Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is a big hit with women, and maybe it's because he's so outnumbered at home. First, Dwayne is the father of Simone, age 16, a female replica of himself, and then he became a dad to daughter #2, Jasmine, aged 2. And now the hunky actor has announced he and Jasmine's mom, Lauren, are now expecting another daughter together! On Simone, he said, "Throughout the years, throughout the ups and downs, I’ve realized that the most important thing that I could do with my daughter is lead our life with love,” he says. “Not success, not fame, not anything else but, ‘I’m always here for you. I love you.’ ” He went on to say, " I realized being a father is the greatest job I have ever had and the greatest job I will ever have."

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