10 Celeb Dads Who Just Became Available (And 10 Who’ve Now Started New Families)

The world of celebrities is so far beyond our daily lives that we can't help but be fascinated with how they live their lives. From their million-dollar closets to the schools they send their kids to, being a celebrity means they need to be comfortable in the limelight.

One of the things that most of us fans can't help but ogle over, however, is the relationships. I'll never forget the day my friend's favorite actress (Blake Lively) began dating her favorite actor (Ryan Reynolds), and now they're married with two kids! Being on the outside of the celebrity world may have its downfalls, but watching the world's elite fall in love in front of the camera is modern-day poetry.

Nevertheless, not all relationships pan out, in the end — especially in Hollywood. With busy schedules, cross-country living situations, and temptations, there's only so much a couple in Hollywood can do to make their relationship work. It doesn't really help their cause when paparazzi are watching their every move. From 2018 onward, we've had some pretty upsetting and surprising breakups. But at the same time, we've also had some beautiful celebrities with a pre-started family join another celebrity in a similar situation, creating a blended family in 2019. From breakups to new beginnings, these are 10 celeb dads who find themselves looking for love, and 10 who just started something new.

Let's start with the celeb dads who are back on the market...

20 Usher


Usher was everyone's favorite heartthrob in the early 2000s. His voice was soulful, his songs were from the heart, and everyone adored those dance moves. He definitely gave Chris Brown a run for his money in the dance moves department. Nevertheless, Usher is still very active in the entertainment industry in 2019, but his love life has taken a stumble.

After getting divorced from his first wife in 2012, he secretly married his manager Grace Miguel. But it appears the second time was most definitely not the charm since he filed for divorce in December of 2018, according to his Wikipedia page. Today, Usher is a devoted dad and keeping it solo for now.

19 Tristan Thompson


Did any non-sports fan know who Tristan Thompson was before Khloé Kardashian started dating him? Um, no. But everyone got to know him pretty well after wooing Miss Kardashian off her feet!

Fans of the Kardashians knew these two were serious when Khloé moved her life from the hills of LA to Cleveland, Ohio. Between the weather and the scenery, Khloé must have really loved TT to make that move. Things between the two got even more serious when she found herself pregnant with her first child, True.

As we all know, however, these two fell from grace hard. The news came out when Khloé was nine months pregnant, and to make matters worse, similar actions took place after she gave him a second chance.

Now that the two have called it quits for good, TT is very much alone (well, besides his lady of the week that he meets on social media).

18 Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

US Weekly

It's so hard for me not to roll my eyes every time I see Ronnie (from MTV's The Jersey Shore) pop up on my timeline. After his break up YEARS ago with Sammi ended, Ronnie never could find someone he loved as much as her. He did find love, though...with a woman named Jen Harley.

According to Cosmopolitan, in the summer of 2017, these two found love and eventually found themselves pregnant that winter. Their precious baby daughter was born that spring but that's when all their messy laundry was hung out to dry. From allegations to public altercations — these two were bad for one another. In fact, it's crazy to think these started a relationship to begin with! After a year or two of arguing and calling one another out, these two called it quits and Ronnie is back to being a solo dad, looking for someone he loved as much as Sammi Sweetheart.

17 Ben Affleck


Oh, poor Ben Affleck. This man has been fighting a number of daemons for years. Unfortunately for him, the paparazzi, a former nanny, and a ton of publications showcased just how hard Ben's home life really was. With three kids in tow, Ben and actress Jennifer Garner called it quits after 13 years together (which is a long time by Hollywood's standards).

Shortly after their breakup, Ben began dating Lindsay Shookus, a TV producer. But the two didn't last that long since Ben decided to do some work on himself and entered therapy. These days Ben has been seen with a few different women, but it appears his health, wellness, and family is his top priority. Good for him!

16 Christian Carino


If I said the name "Christian Carino," out loud—with no pictures available—would you know who I was talking about? I certainly wouldn't, but he's the most recent ex of singer Lady Gaga. As we all know, rumors surrounding Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper began swirling after their movie A Star is Born was created. However, Lady Gaga was engaged to Christian Carino at the time. After the movie came out, though, Christian stopped appearing on the red carpets with Gaga — proving that maybe Lady Gaga wasn't as happy in her relationship as we thought.

It later came out that the two really did call off their engagement and broke up. And while this talent agent is a handsome man, he's now a solo dad to daughter Bella Carini, whom he had with his ex-wife Brooke Baldwin.

15 Wiz Khalifa


Wiz Khalifa is a rapper most known for "See You Again," "Black & Yellow," and "Young, Wild, and Free." In 2011, however, fans everywhere became obsessed with the fact that he began dating model Amber Rose, per MTV. The two quickly got married and had a child of their own; a son named Sebastian. In 2014, however, the couple called it quits after Wiz was caught sneaking around on Amber.

In 2019, however, the two are happily co-parenting and moved on with other people. Wiz began dating model Winnie Harlow in 2018, showing much affection on social media and on the red carpet, But it appears they broke up in the same year. Although she became close to his son and baby mama, it appears Wiz and Winnie are done, leaving him solo and looking.

14 Jeff Lewis


Jeff Lewis is mostly known in the celeb world for his design business, flipping houses and giving makeovers to the world's most promising homes. He even had his own show on Bravo called Flipping Out. If you watched the show, then you would see his relationship with his (then) boyfriend, Gage Edward, blossom. The two had been through the winger but eventually welcomes a baby girl into the world: Monroe Christine Lewis. But you know what they say, kids don't always solve everything. According to People, the two called it quits in February of this year and are now in a bitter war over a "destructive behavior."

Jeff seemed to heal his wounds by dating someone new right after the breakup, but as luck would have it, they too ended their relationship. Now, Jeff is a solo dad on the mend.

13 Jack Osbourne


We were all introduced to Jack Osbourne after his mom and dad (Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne) had a reality TV show on MTV called The Osbournes. Jack was much younger when the show was on air and these days he's like a different person. He's matured and has three kids with his ex-wife Lisa Stelly. After being together for six years, the two went their separate ways in 2018. The couple seems to be happily co-parenting today and have an immense amount of respect for the other, however, this leaves Jack a solo father of three in the limelight.

12 Dylan McDermott


Dylan McDermott is a Golden Globe-winning actor known for Am. H. Story: Apocalypse, The Practice, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The actor married fellow actress Shiva Rose in 1995 and had two daughters together. However, the couple divorced in 2008.

Dylan found love again with Maggie Q, whom he met while filming Stalker. After a four-year-long engagement, though, the two called it quits. Now for the first time in a number of years, Dylan is a solo dad of two. McDermott is currently filming the TV series The Politician and The Cutman (which is in pre-production now!).

11 Beck


Beck is a singer/songwriter who became widely known in the '90s for songs like "Loser," "Wow," and "Up All Night." After marrying actress Marissa Ribisi in 2004, two kids, and 15 years of marriage, the two called it quits. The story to this talented star gets trickier though, considering Beck is a practicing Scientologist (hello, Tom Cruise). As we've all seen from Cruise's divorces, the art of Scientology tends to cause a rift between former spouses and their children. The media is wondering if Beck's kids will continue to practice Scientology and what that could mean for their relationship with both father and mother.

And here are the dads who are starting something new...

10 Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom

Pop Sugar

As we all know, singer Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom have had a long relationship filled with ups and downs. The two were both formerly married and sparked relationship rumors in 2016 after meeting at an after party. However, after a year together, the media pages explained the two were no longer together in 2017, according to Cosmopolitan. In April of 2018, though, Katy confirmed that the two were very much back together and the pair got engaged on Valentine's Day of this year.

Nowadays, the two are most likely in full wedding-planning mode, while Katy will also become the stepmother to Bloom's only child, Flynn, with ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

9 Jlo & Alex Rodriguez


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have to be the most beautifully blended family in the world. Both having kids with former partners and being from the same area, these two found love after years of knowing one another. In fact, it's strange that these two just started dating considering how alike they are! Jlo has twins with former husband Marc Anthony, while A-Rod has two kids himself with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis.

After meeting one another in 2005 and getting engaged in 2019, I think these two have finally met their match. Not to mention their kids are similar ages and get along famously.

8 Jennifer Garner & John Miller


When Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck broke up for good, ending their 13-year marriage, people around the world truly felt for this couple. You could see they were trying to make things work, and yet, their efforts fell flat. We all know that Ben was seeking love in other places, but what about Jen? She focused on being an amazing mother to three kids, but in 2018, it appears Jen Garner found a new man to keep her smiling; businessman John Miller.

John Miller isn't as celebrated as Jennifer, however, the two have been going strong for almost a year now. Miller was divorced in 2014 and has two kids from that marriage, who could be a good fit with Garner's children, as well.

While the two are rarely shown together, these two are keeping their private relationship under wraps.

7 Amber Rose & AE Edwards


While Amer Rose's baby daddy may be flying solo these days, Amber is actually anything but. The model recently announced that she and boyfriend, rapper AE Edwards, are expecting a baby together. While the pair haven't been dating long, they met in 2015 through mutual friends. (It's even reported he's BFFs with Tyga, the ex-fiance of her former best friend Blac Chyna.)

As previously stated, Amber already has one son with ex-husband Wiz, so it appears this family will beautifully blend. And we can imagine her only son is excited to be a big brother!

6 Katherine Schwarzenegger & Chris Pratt


We all know and love Chris Pratt from his time on Parks and Rec and in blockbuster films like the Jurassic Park franchise. Fans also fell for this talented actor from his relationship with fellow actress Anna Faris. The two were married for almost 10 years and had a son together. And while their marriage didn't work out, the two seem to be co-parenting beautifully. These days, though, Pratt has moved on to another leading lady in his life, Katherine Schwarzenegger. Fans of Pratt were startled that he moved on so quickly, but this couple seems to be in it for the long haul. With the possibility of new babies on the rise, Katherine will become a stepmom to his son, Jack.

5 Christina El Moussa & Ant Anstead


Christina El Moussa (or should we say, Christina Anstead) is best known for her HGTV show Flip or Flop with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. After two kids, a TV show, a business, and many years together, the two called it quits. While these two had some harsh words for one another to the media, the pair seems to be in a better head space for their children and their business. Although the pair only recently divorced in 2018, Christina is actually already remarried to TV personality Ant Anstead. Furthermore, they already expecting their first child together! The couple seems to be on a roller coaster of emotions, especially combining their pre-started families — both having two kids from former relationships.

4 Stacey Soloman & Joe Swash


Stacey Solomon is a TV personality and singer who is most known from The X-Factor. At the tender age of 17 though, Stacey found herself pregnant with a then-boyfriend of hers. Fast forward a few years later and she had her second baby with then-fiance Aaron Barnham. Almost 10 years later, Solomon seems to have met her match in Joe Swash, another TV presenter, and the couple is having their first child together in 2019. Joe also has one child from a former relationship, so with four kids among them, this couple is quite a lot going on!

3 Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade

via: People

Granted, actress Gabrielle Union and NBA star Dwayne Wade have been together since 2010, the pair never got married until 2014. With a small break here and there, fans everywhere were wondering if these two would ever have babies of their own. Dwayne already had three boys of his own from former relationships. Seeing how beautifully Gabrielle took on the role as a stepmom, when were they two going to have a baby of their own? After years of trying, the pair welcomed their baby girl to the world in 2018. Now, with four kids between them, these two can continue to grow their blended family.

2 Tina Kunakey & Vincent Cassel


Tina Kunakey is a stunning model from France, whereas her (now) husband, Vincent Cassel is an actor from the same country. The two are married these days but had a rather interesting courtship considering Vincent was still married with two kids.

The two have 31 years between them but that didn't stop them from falling in love and leaving their perspective partners for one another. Once Vincent divorced his wife, he dated Tina for two years before popping the question. Likewise, the two announced they were pregnant themselves and just gave birth this month. Now that Tina has two stepkids, and this is Vincent's third child, the beautiful pair is on their way to a modern day family.

1 Norman Reedus & Diane Kruger


Everyone knows actors Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus, so when they began dating in 2016, fans everywhere were thrilled. However, before dating Diane, Norman had a son, Mingus, whom he had with ex-Helena Christensen. Mingus is now 19 years old and has been seen on some high-end catwalks.

Both Diane and Norman have had high-profile relationships and breakups, but their bond seems to be neverending. In the fall of 2018, the two gave birth to their first child together; a baby girl. While these two don't seem to be engaged or married, them joining their families is the start of something new for these two famous actors.

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