10 Celeb Kids Who Look Just Like Mom (And 10 Who Look Like Their Dad)

For the most part, the celebrities that we adore on the silver screen or in magazines or on the radio have some pretty amazing genes. Not only are they talented, but they are gorgeous. And when they have babies, fans can rest assured that their little ones are likely going to be just as beautiful.

But sometimes genetics is a funny business, where the child ends up not just getting a star's best feature but almost becoming a mini-me. There is no denying that Suri is Katie Holmes's kid, for example, and we had to do a double take when Zoe Kravitz started walking the red carpet because we thought it was her mom Lisa Bonet.

Sometimes, dad's genes win out, such as the case for David Beckham and his brood of handsome sons. And at least one celebrity kid on our list looks so much like his dad that he actually played him in a movie. It's all thanks to some pretty stellar biology and genetics, and this proves that the next generation of gorgeous celebrities have a big genetic leg up on their way to stardom.

Here are 10 celeb kids who look just like mom (and 10 who look like dad).

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20 The Apple of Gwyneth's Eye

Gwyneth Paltrow could have made this list in two ways. First, she's a celebrity baby herself, as the daughter of actress Blythe Danner. While the two definitely look different now, a side-by-side comparison of Gwyneth and Blythe in their hey-days shows that the daughter got her mom's eyes and mouth, for sure. And then she passed them on to the next generation.

Gwyneth's daughter Apple has grown into a beautiful teen who has the same wash-and-go hair and trademark eyes. She's growing into Gwyneth right before our very eyes, and even with the genes of Coldplay's Chris Martin at play, she's still her mother all over again — beautiful and talented in a lineage that will serve her well.

19 Suri Looks Just Like Katie

When Katie Holmes fell in love with the man that she crushed on as a teenager, we all gushed that their little one would be beautiful. And that is certainly true. But little Suri may not have received as many genes from her hot dad Tom Cruise as she did from her beautiful mom, since she looks just like a mini version of the girl-next-door we loved from "Dawson's Creek."

Suri is a constant companion to Katie since she split from Tom, and when they are photographed, we are always struck by how much she looks like her mom. She's got Katie's sweet smile and perfect features, and she looks so cute with her long dark locks. As she gets closer to her tweens, we can't help but see the teenager that Katie played in her breakout role.

18 Bending It Like Beckham

When soccer star David Beckham married a Spice Girl, we knew their family would be gorgeous. And now that their children are growing up, we can tell that they have some amazing genes. A lot of people see Victoria in their kids, but a recent side-by-side shot of David in his younger years shows that their oldest son Brooklyn definitely takes after his dad.

Brooklyn is taking after his handsome father by becoming a model. The younger sons Cruz and Romeo also look like their dad, and daughter Harper is also undeniably a Beckham. We're sure that Victoria doesn't mind that they take after her handsome hubby.

17 Hailey Baldwin Takes After Her Dad

Justin Beiber might have an idea of what his children will look like, since the Baldwin genes tend to run pretty strong in his new wife (is she?) and her family. Hailey Baldwin's dad is Stephen Baldwin, the youngest of the famed Baldwin brothers, and the family resemblance is uncanny.

Hailey's definitely got her dad's mouth, and the good looks that make her uncle Alec so famous are now serving her well in her modeling career. It'll be interesting to see if the next generation Beiber gets Stephen's eyes, just like his daughter did.

16 Goldie And Kate

Can you imagine growing up with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell as your parents? That's how Kate Hudson grew up. And of course, she ended up being as big of a superstar as her mom. It's easy when you've got such beautiful genes.

Kate has her mom's same face shape, and she has the same gorgeous hair and almond eyes. Most of all, though, they have the same smile that can light up a room. In early October, Kate gave birth to the third generation of girls (she already had two sons). We know she will be beautiful, but we can't help but wonderful if she will have that same magnificent smile.

15 Liv Got Steven Tyler's Lips

When Liv Tyler was young, she thought she had a different father. But when she met Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, her mother's former flame, she had to ask why she looked so much like Steven's other daughter. The family resemblance was undeniable, so Liv's mom admitted that Steven was Liv's dad.

There is no denying that Liv's got Steven Tyler's lips. That beautiful mouth was on display in some of her dad's music videos a couple of decades ago, and then Liv gained a reputation for her amazing acting. Her mother may be beautiful, but there is no doubt that she is Steven Tyler's daughter, that is for certain.

14 Kim Z's Reality Co-Star

For some moms, it's good genes; but for other celeb parents, you have to wonder if they had the same plastic surgeon. That might be the case for Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her daughter Brielle. The girl definitely looks a lot like her mom, and most of it comes naturally. But Kim is admittedly a fan of plastic surgery, and that may be why the two look more like twins than mother and daughter.

Kim and Brielle (who is the oldest of her six kids) have the same perfect nose and high cheekbones. And they also have the same curly blond hair and perfect teeth. They are both so beautiful, and the family resemblance is undeniable and totally enviable.

13 Adam Sandler's Funny Girl

Adam Sandler is still one of our favorite funny guys. We thought he was so cute in "Billy Madison" and "Happy Gilmore," and these days he's still bringing in the laughs — and the cute looks — in movies every few years. Adam has passed on those cute looks to one of his daughters too.

His oldest daughter Sadie is 12, and she has her dad's curls and smile. The younger sister Sunny looks a lot like her mom, although she's still got Adam's nose. It's just unmistakable when you see Sadie. She's definitely Adam's daughter.

12 Cindy's Model Double

During the 1980s and 90s, Cindy Crawford was considered the most beautiful woman on the planet. With her trademark mole, Cindy was the all-American girl that all men wanted and all women wanted to be, and she was so beautiful that we couldn't imagine anyone else topping her. But when you pass along such gorgeous genes, you end up with a kid who is even more gorgeous.

Cindy's daughter Kaia is the new amazing beauty on the block. She's already a popular model, and recently she was named the face of YSL. Kaia has her mom's wholesome good looks and beautiful brown tresses. She's practically a body double for her model mama as well. It's only a matter of time before she's reaches the icon status that her mother eclipsed 20 years ago.

11 Reese's Lookalike Daughter

We kind of forgot that Reese Witherspoon had two kids with her ex Ryan Phillippe. Reese and Ryan were young back then, and now little Ava is all grown up. She's 19, and she could pass for Reese's sister, not her daughter — maybe even twins because they look so much alike.

Ava's got her mother's heart-shaped face, beautiful cheekbones and sassy smile. In a side-by-side photo, you might not even be able to figure out which one is the Oscar-winning actress. Ava has begun her own modeling career, and she's been seen on lots of red carpets, either with her mom or on her own. We're certain she'll go far with her mama's good genes and connections helping her out along the way.

10 Jessica Simpson's Mini Me

Jessica Simpson's little girl is growing up — and every day she looks more like her mom. Little Maxwell is now 6, and she is so beautiful. She not only has her mom's luscious blonde locks, but she's got her beautiful face, cleft chin and pretty eyes.

Jessica's little boy Ace also favors her, although you can really see his dad Eric Johnson when he smiles. And now Jessica has announced there is a surprise Baby No. 3 on the way. We wonder if this little girl will look as much like her mommy as Maxi does.

9 Blue Ivy Is Jay-Z's All The Way

The Beyhive might take a little bit of umbrage to this one, but we think that little Blue Ivy favors her daddy Jay-Z more than her gorgeous mom Beyonce. Blue has her dad's soulful eyes and his nose, although she has the sweetheart shape of her mother's face.

With a few red carpets under belt, Blue has proven herself to be a little diva, as is deserving her parentage. She has her mom and dad wrapped around her little finger, and we all think she's as cute as can be — just like her daddy.

8 A New Eastwood In Town

Clint Eastwood was a heartthrob in his time — but now there is a new Eastwood dazzling the ladies in Hollywood. Clint's son Scott is making his own name for his acting, and we think he's even hotter than his dad was back in the day. He has the same strong jaw and kind eyes, but with a better hairline.

Scott made his film debut in a movie that his dad Clint directed, and he had a part in Clint's movie "The Trouble With the Curve" But he's making his own name now, sizzling up the big screen.

7 Ice Cube's Kid Played Him In A Movie

Ice Cube named his son after him — O'Shea Jackson Jr. But even with the name, we're sure he never imagined how much his child could end up looking just like him. But the rapper's son is so much his double that he ended up playing his dad in the biopic "Straight Outta Compton."

O'Shea got rave reviews for his acting, but half the time people wondered if Ice Cube was actually playing himself in the story of NWA. He's just as handsome as his dad, with the familiar round head and tight haircut and goatee. O'Shea is building a career these days, thanks to those good lucks he got from his dad.

6 Jennifer Garner's Lookalike Kids

Jennifer Garner might have starred on "Alias," but her kids could never claim that they weren't a part of her family. That's especially true of her oldest daughter Violet, who looks so much like her mother, with her strong chin, her soft eyes and her dimples. It's really amazing how much the girl is growing up to look like her mother.

Jennifer has three kids with ex-husband Ben Affleck, and we think that the younger two, Seraphina and Samuel, are beautiful blends of their parents' strong features. They favor their mom, but it's nothing like Violet, who we imagine looks a lot like Jen did at her age. We don't have to imagine how beautiful she will look as an adult — we're sure it'll be just like her superstar mom.

5 Kanye's Little Saint

Kim Kardashian West has shown side-by-side photos with her girls and her own baby pictures to show how much they look like her, but even then, we think they look a bit like their dad. The one that takes the most after Kanye, though, is undoubtedly their son Saint.

Saint, who is the middle child of the family, looks more like his dad each day, but Kim has said that he acts a lot more like her, while North has Kanye's personality. It's interesting how those genes pass down, both in looks and personality.

4 Lisa Bonet's Identical Twin

Not too long ago, we saw a Youtube clip of Lenny Kravitz and we had to wonder if he was back together with Lisa Bonet, his ex from long ago. But no — that was actually their daughter, Zoe, who looks so much like her mom that we had to do a double take and wonder if  we had missed a celebrity couple update.

Zoe Kravitz has two very beautiful parents, but her mom's genes definitely won out. But it's not just the beautiful skin and Cosby Show features that we notice. Zoe's got her mom's style of braids and boho chic that cap it off. The nearly 20-year-old has already found a lot of success, starring in X-Men movies and the Divergent series. And she's also in a band that has toured with Lily Allen and Miley Cyrus. She's got talent on both sides of the family, but it's her mom's looks that she definitely received.

3 Pink's Little Girl

When Pink gave an inspirational speech dedicated to her daughter at the VMAs in 2017, she might as well have been giving the speech to herself. Pink admitted that she had the same kind of self-image issues that she worried her daughter was facing, but the speech just proved that both mom and daughter are oh-so-beautiful, inside and out. Willow has her mom's nose and mouth and beautifully constructed face — and we think that both of them are gorgeous.

Willow has her mom's punk style too, and we've already seen her with pink hair and with a purple style. The 7-year-old is so her mom made over, and we love it. We know that she will grow up to become just as beautiful and just as inspirational.

2 Luna Is A Legend, For Sure

When John Legend and Chrissy Teigen had their first child, we knew she would be beautiful, whether she took after her mom or her dad. But little Luna Stephens definitely got her daddy's good genes.

Luna's got her daddy's eyes and his cheekbones and nose. Of course, she probably got some of her beauty from her model mama, but you see the Legend in her sweet smile.

Now Luna's a big sister, and her little brother Miles is definitely a cutie. We haven't been able to figure out which parent he favors yet, but it doesn't really matter. Either way, he'll be handsome.

1 Steph's Little Star

When Steph Curry's little girl Riley sat in on her dad's press conference a few years ago, we fell in love with his little mini me. The basketball star may be a macho athlete, but he clearly adored his little girl, and her little smile was just as captivating as his.

Riley has two younger siblings now, and it seems like she is still the one who favors dad the most — but of course, that means they take after their gorgeous mom Ayesha. One thing is certain — the Currys make some really gorgeous babies.

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