10 Celeb Moms Who Don't Use A Nanny (And 10 Who Rely On Them)

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and if these celebs didn't jump on their new movie roles, they would lose out on a lot of money! Unfortunately, Hollywood hasn’t adapted their filming schedules to suit new mothers and their long list of responsibilities that come with being a parent. Between raising a newborn and the sleepless nights, the countless after-school activities, the tutoring, dance recitals, quality time and raising their children, all whole learning lines and shooting a movie(s) countries away, it makes for an exhausting day for a Hollywood mother.

One one hand, there are celebrity parents that can balance the tedious tasks it takes to be a mother and be a famous actress without the assistance of hired-help. These are the celebrity parents that people see struggling at the grocery store, running errands without makeup on, walking their dogs and making homemade cookies with their children, because they know exactly what raising a child entails and want to be part of every memory that is created.

And then, there are celeb moms that bank on their children and keep them in the care of multiple nannies, at various hours of the day and night. These are the mothers and fathers that look like the perfect parent on social media but there is an entire team of nannies on rotation behind them (ahem, Kim K.) And, while these children may not see much of their mothers, they will have a long slue of eyebrow-raising images to look forward to reminisce on in the future!

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20 Nanny-Free: Blake Lively


She fights off sharks in the deep blue sea and he’s a superhero (or is Deadpool really a villain?-) but together, they’re taking on parenting adventures without any hired help. Surprisingly, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have opted to raise their two daughters, James (3) and Inez (1), the way an All-American family raise their children: with the help of their parents!

The Shallows star was interviewed by NW Magazine and admitted that her parents “are pretty much the nannies!” She continued, “They are the best baby nurses you could pray for. They raised five kids so they know what they are doing.”

Got to love grandparents!

19 Needs A Nanny: Kim Kardashian-West

It’s hard to imagine how hectic life as a Kardashian-West can be with the fame, paparazzis, television shows, public appearances, clothing labels, makeup lines and music careers. But, as it appears on Kim K’s show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it seems as though the entire Kardashian clan are really doing their part as parents and entrepreneurs. It’s refreshing to see Kim Kardashian as a mother on television and in magazines, but it seems as though what’s seen on TV is solely fabricated for the show.

At the time, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had three nannies for their three children North, Saint and Chicago. Unfortunately, it’s not all gumdrops and lollipops in Kim K’s house when, back in 2016, a nanny dished that it was truly “a nightmare.” She continued by saying the nannies only bring the kids around their parents when it’s time to grab a quick (but perfect) picture. Once the picture is perfected and photographed, the kids are sent back with the nannies.

18 Nanny-Free: Mila Kunis

That 70’s Show sweethearts, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, are also celeb parents who have chosen to parent their children without the help of a nanny. Instead, the Kutchers describe the joys of parenting as an emotional connection between them and the children as they watch them grow.

Ashton Kutcher was on The Ellen Degeneres Show when Ellen asked him why they didn’t decide to incorporate a nanny into their lives, “We just want to know our kid,” he continued “We want to be the people that know what to do when the baby’s crying to make the baby not cry anymore.”

Mila Kunis and Ashton have two children together, Wyatt Isabelle (3) and Dimitri Portwood (1). The pair met on the set of their 90’s hit TV sitcom, That 70’s Show, when Mila was only 14 years old and Ashton was 19.

17 Needs A Nanny: Heidi Klum

via dailymail.co.uk

When Heidi Klum and her husband at the time, Seal, were expecting their fourth child when Heidi Klum admitted she had more than just help for her children. In fact, the pair had three nannies and the nannies have always worked in teams of two. It’s currently unknown if Heidi has hired an extra set of hands now that her fourth child is born and she’s living the single life.

Heidi Klum was pregnant with her first child when she met her ex-husband Seal. She then took on Seal’s family name “Samuel” and was married under the name Heidi Samuel. The couple gave Heidi’s first born (and Seal's only non-biological child) the Samuel last name as well. The pair went on to have three more children before separating in 2014.

16 Nanny-Free: Eva Mendes


Today’s generation may be curious as to who exactly Eva Mendes is. Well kiddos, Eva Mendes was one of the most stunning Latin-American actresses in Hollywood. She unfortunately fell off the face of the planet after she met heartthrob, Ryan Gosling and had his Gosling babies. No, she’s not being held captive by her long-secret boo, she’s simply enjoying every single aspect of motherhood and taking this time to step away from the cameras and spend her days with her beautiful girls, Amada (2) and Esmeralda (3).

The couple met on set of their movie The Place Behind The Pines where they started their long-term relationship. For a long time, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling had not confirmed their relationship to the press or the public, however it wasn’t long until Eva Mendes became pregnant and Ryan Gosling would gush about her here and there.

15 Needs A Nanny: Jessica Alba

The Honest Company founder, Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren have been open with their use of a night nurse and baby trainer for their first son, Honor. Ten years later, Jessica and Cash hired Nanny Connie once again for their then-newborn, Hayes.

Back in June, Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel teamed up with Nanny Connie (her real name is Connie Stanley) to discuss the benefits of having a baby trainer. A baby trainer is a specialized nanny that comes to the home to teach parents (new and existing parents who need a recap) about diaper changing, night routines, breastfeeding and even how to bathe a newborn!

14 Nanny-Free: Victoria Beckham

Finally, we land on the British power couple, Victoria and David Beckham, who claim not to have nannies for their three children. While I may not believe Posh when she says they don’t use a nanny because they prefer to raise their children on their own, I do believe it may (in part) be due to the supposed infidelities of David Beckham with a nanny from back in the day. Whatever the reasoning and whoever raised those boys, they did a mighty fine job.

However, it may not be all that hard to believe that the Beckham’s, in fact, didn’t have a nanny for their now-teenage boys. According to Victoria Beckham’s letter to her 18 year-old self published by British Vogue, she described David Beckham as being one of the only soccer plays to sit with his family instead of joining his teammates at the bar. She also described their first encounter as “love at first sight.”

And they lived happily ever after.

13 Needs A Nanny: Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has been known for having multiple nannies for her two children, Maxwell and Ace, but it seems as though Jessica may have a specific hiring requirement for her nannies. Although it’s never been confirmed by Jessica or Eric, rumors have it that Jessica screens through her qualified nannies by looking at their appearances and only choosing the worst of the worst.

According to People Magazine, Eric Johnson seems to have burned Jessica Simpson with his unreported nanny infidelities, however Jessica has never confirmed nor denied these allegations against her husband or their ex-nanny. But, just by looking at their nanny history, it seems as though these allegations may be right.

12 Nanny-Free: Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez has been adamant that she has not had a nanny throughout the years. In fact, she still is but this time, she’s tweaking her answer a little bit (that’s why we’re keeping her in the “is not using a nanny” category.)

Back in January of 2017, Jennifer Lopez attended the People’s Choice Awards where she vaguely admitted that she had hired help. Although she didn’t call them nannies per se, she did go on to disclose that she does have some help and that she never “claimed to be Superwoman.”

That’s Jen, keeping it real since 2001. But, who can blame her really? Being a mom is a tough job. Add in being a full-time singer, dancing, acting, flying, interviewing, and being the Matriarch of the Rodriguez-Lopez house can, certainly, not be easy.

11 Needs A Nanny: All the other Kardashians and Jenners

It didn’t take long for the other Kardashian and Jenner sisters (except you Kendall) to join in on the adventures of parenting. It also didn’t take long for them to run and get some hired help!

After just 26 days of having her first baby, Khloe hired a part-time nanny to help give True Thompson company and support as Khloe dealt with the baby daddy drama, running an empire with her sisters and getting back into the gym to get that bouncing booty back. It seems as though Khloe may be the most “hands on” of all the Kardashian-Jenner moms and her part time nanny is only there to guide her on the right path of parenthood.

As for Baby Kylie, well, she has four nannies for baby Stormi. In fact, when Stormi was first born, Kylie was adamant about not needing extra help for her day-old baby. However it wasn’t long until she hired four nannies that work on rotation and her mom, Kris Jenner, and her other sisters to help raise baby Stormi.

10 Nanny-Free: Hilarie Burton

Earlier this year, Hilarie Burton surprised fans across the nation with the news of her unexpected pregnancy by posting a picture to her social media account with her new little baby girl! The couple kept the pregnancy on the down low after years of fertility issues and miscarries that Hilarie has addressed publically.

When their son Augustus was first born, the couple opted out of having a full-time or live-in nanny for Augustus. This was due in part with Hilarie Burton rarely making an appearance to the big screen and also loving every moment of parenting, especially considering the couple had been trying for quite some time.

Though the couple has yet to discuss the topic of hired help for their now family of 4, we can only assume that Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are soaking up the last few months of the baby stage before entering the toddler zone, let alone x 2.

9 Needs A Nanny: Sarah Jessica Parker

via people.com

Sarah Jessica Parker and her longtime husband, Matthew Broderick have been very open about their choice on having full-time help for their family. Although it’s tedious to constantly have your children in the public’s eye, SJP loves to take her children to the various parks in New York City, whether the paparazzi is there or not. In SJP’s defence, yes she may be a celebrity, but she’s also a full time mom to three kids and they need to have their special time with their mother as well.

Sarah Jessica Parker has been very publicly confirming that she does, in fact, have hired help, she has also been very adamant that once the work day is over, it’s time for the Parker-Broderick household to socialize and interact with each other as a family.

I wonder how Carrie Bradshaw would have parented her children?

8 Nanny-Free: Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Brad and Kimberly Paisley have both agreed to parent as an everyday regular all-American couple by raising their two children without the help of an aid. In fact, they both praise their parents for being their biggest helping hands for their sons Huck (4) and Jasper (2). In addition to both Brad’s and Kimberly’s parents, Huck and Jasper often get watched by the Paisley’s extended families and their friends.

Although, it does explain why we haven’t seen much of Kimberly William-Paisley on the big screen lately. Luckily, Brad Paisley hasn’t stopped gracing us with his exceptional voice! However, as every Texan couple out there, they stick together like birds of a feather.

7 Needs A Nanny: Mariah Carey


It’s no surprise that our once beloved singer-turned drama Queen with a capital Q, Mariah Carey, has nannies for her twins. However, Mariah believes she is currently single-handedly raising her twins with the help of her ex-husband, Nick Cannon, since she “fires nannies like this,” she said while snapping her fingers in an interview with The Breakfast Show.

Apparently the reason she constantly fires her nannies is because she refuses to let the nannies become more important in her twins’ minds then her. Isn’t that a little pickle? It’s hard to be a Diva, an absent mother and a hands on mother all at once!

6 Nanny-Free: Amal Clooney


Before America’s power couple, George and Amal Clooney’s one year old twins, Alexander and Ella were born, George Clooney had openly discussed their intentions on hiring a night nurse instead of a full-time nanny. So this nurse comes into care for your baby in the middle of the night so you can skip one of the easiest parts of parenthood to get a refreshing 8-hours of sleep. Let’s be honest, the amount of responsibility that Amal Clooney has for the United Nations and the entire world is extremely demanding and together, the Clooney’s must look their best for each of their public appearances.

However, even though the young twins have a night nurse, they also have the help of Amal’s mother who also lives in England, near one of the Clooney’s homes. And, if ever they need additional advice on parenting twins, they can simply call up George’s gal pal, Julia Roberts who also has a set of twins herself!

5 Needs A Nanny: Angelina Jolie


It’s been a while since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had their very public and very messy divorce. As the world watched for the next war to break out between the pair, we also sat patiently and watched what the effects of the divorce would do to the Jolie-Pitt children. Luckily, the Jolie-Pitt clan had their protective uncle James that oversaw the children's misbehavior and lack of listening qualities, and the entire household for that matter.

Unfortunately, Uncle James was let go by his sister, Angelina, for health concerns as his role as Head Nanny for seven children was taking a toll on him. However, just because Uncle James is no longer part of the picture, it doesn’t mean that the children have gone without a nanny. In fact, they have multiple nannies and it’s unclear as to how many.

4 Nanny-Free: Camila Alves

When Levi McConaughey was only a few months old, a source with connections to the McConaughey household told the Boston that he strongly objects to hiring a full-time nanny. However, Matthew McConaughey’s fiance at the time (now married) would have preferred to have someone there to help, especially around the house. In fact, the source described the chaotic scene as the house got messier and the engaged couple was not sleeping much.

Isn’t that the definition of parenting? Luckily, Matthew’s decision not to hire a nanny is not for aesthetics purposes like getting enough beauty sleep, but it’s so his son isn’t raised to be a selfish little kid the future.  And that’s celebrity parenting 101 brought to you by

3 Needs A Nanny: Beyonce

via bustle.com

When you have money, the only acceptable way to spend it is to hire six nannies for your twins. You read right folks, Beyonce and her longtime husband Jay-Z have hired six nannies for Sir and Rumi at 100 000$ each, that’s not including the two nannies that they also have for Blue Ivy.

The twins’ nannies work in two teams or three, eight hours a day. The reason the Ultra-Famous couple have so many nannies for their kids is because the twins tend to sleep on opposing schedules. It’s not unusual for new parents to have night nurses or nannies during the day, however it is a little odd to have eight nannies for three children, both day and night. But again, when you have money…

2 Nanny-Free: Mayim Bialik


Recently, Mayim Bialik claimed to be a very “low-maintenance female” and while that may be true if we compared her to a Kardashian-Jenner, she’s still making 200k per episode of The Big Bang Theory. However, Mayim Bialik does live like a Plain Jane compared to others in Hollywood due to the fact that she does not have a nanny nor a personal chef and reportedly does all her cleaning at home alone, including her and her kids’ toilets.

If you follow Mayim Bialik on any of her social media platforms, including Youtube, she actively talks about cooking, family values, her vegan lifestyle and the fact that she breastfeeds publicly, and she does all this while she carries her baby on her back. She is the definition of a trendy hipster doing good for the environment.

1 Needs A Nanny: Liz Hurley


When Liz Hurley was still in her prime and her son, Damian, was younger, Liz Hurley was open that she received help from various nannies. According to The Standard, Damian was raised by single-mother, Liz, when he was younger and was often watched by nannies over the years.

However, now that Damian Hurley is sixteen years old and has started his modelling and acting career, he no longer needs someone to watch him anymore. With the staggering, undetermined, number of nannies that Damian has had throughout his young years, it could explain why Liz Hurley hasn’t aged in 53 years (or maybe that’s just her new prominent bust line that she’s been sharing online.)

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