10 Celeb Moms Who Hide Their Babies From The Paparazzi (And 10 Who Show Them Off)

Celebs, all types of celebs from different sections of the celeb world, are used to being hounded. Even the so-called C-listers are often hounded by the press and the paparazzi.

But over the years, the antics of the paparazzi have become a real issue. They hound the stars, lie in wait in anticipation of getting a juicy bit of info, a few cheeky snaps. Some celebs play to it, give them a decent picture to take. Others find this paparazzi intrusion somewhat overwhelming, rather unjustified.

The paparazzi hounding stars is one thing. But what about when they do the same to their kid? Most celebs know what it’s like, that type of lifestyle, and so want to shield their kids from the media. They don’t really want them to grow up in that type of environment, want to shield them from the spotlight as much as possible. Some have been successful. Others less so. Others actually don’t mind giving their kids a taste of the limelight. In fact, they show their kids off to the cameras. Some celebrity kids have pretty much grown up in front of the cameras. Here are 10 celeb moms who hide their babies from the paparazzi and 10 who love to flaunt them.

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20 HIDES THEM: Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis, along with hubby Ashton Kutcher, have always been known for being notoriously private about their kids. They themselves aren’t really known as celebs who love living that stereotypical flashy lifestyle.

They live a life that is as normal as possible, and they want their kids to have an opportunity to grow up living the same kind of life.

The couple’s youngest child is just one year old. There aren’t many snaps of him out there. They don’t post pics of their kids and value their privacy. Their kids haven’t chosen life in the public eye. And the parents don’t see it as their own call to make.

19 ShowS Them Off: Kourtney Kardashian

The Kardashian-Jenner clan have essentially lived their whole lives in front of the cameras. When their reality TV show first aired, Kourtney actually had reservations about it. But she’s thrown herself into it wholeheartedly. She’s without doubt, one of the show’s most loved members.

When Kourtney had kids, it was inevitable that they were going to be in the spotlight. Shielding them from the paparazzi hounds would’ve been nye on impossible. They’ve got to be one of the most-followed, most-photographed families in the world. Kourtney’s brood have certainly had their fair share of time in the limelight, whether that’s on TV or on some magazine cover or other.

18 Hides them: Adele

Adele’s a private woman full stop. Sure, she may be a global megastar, but she does her utmost to keep most aspects of her private life under wraps. Most people weren’t even aware that Adele got married, or even that she’d had a kid. When it was discovered that she’s now a mom, the next step was finding out her kid’s name. That took some time, but it was eventually discovered his name is Angelo.

Adele dislikes it when people take pictures of her when she’s with her son.

Of course, the paparazzi being paparazzi, they don’t listen. She’s even taken a UK-based media agency to court for doing this.

17 Shows Them Off: Jessica Alba

Ever since Jessica Alba burst into the limelight, she’s been a megastar. She’s used to people gawking at her, following her around with their tongues hanging out, camera in hand. That’s just the appeal, the effect she has. Jessica is also pretty open about her private life. She has three kids with hubby Cash Warren. She currently has a baby at home.

Her son has changed the whole family dynamic in an amazing way. She’s been very open about that. It actually took a while for Jessica to show off her son. But now the cat’s out of the bag so to speak, she’s been showing him off no end.

16 Hides them: Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is the proud mom of a new baby girl. She slowly by surely began to open up about her daughter. But this was all done on her own terms. She didn’t allow any media involvement. Her baby, pictures of her baby, information about her baby, were reserved for close friends and family. She described it as a blissful family moment, one that she didn’t want to share with the world.

Amanda was desperately looking forward to being a mom. She’d tried for years. When it happened, you’d have expected her to shout about it from the rooftops.

But nope, Amanda has kept things quiet.

15 Shows Them Off: Kylie Jenner

You probably knew that another one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan would grace this list. Kylie has literally spent her whole life in front of the cameras on her family’s reality TV show. For her, having cameras shoved in her face when she’s out and about is the norm. Understandably, when Kylie welcomed her daughter, Stormi Webster, the paparazzi and media intrusion went up a notch, as if that was at all possible.

There are tons of pics of mom and daughter out there. Most have been posted by Kylie herself, but a fair few have been taken by the paparazzi.

14 Hides them: Sandra Bullock

Everyone loves Sandra Bullock. She’s into her 50s now, but her star appeal hasn’t died down. Nobody has a bad word to say about her. What she’s done for her kids, the kids she’s adopted and calls her own, is something else that’s made her go up in people’s estimations. Sandra doesn’t have biological kids. But she’s adopted two, has given two kids a loving home.

She’s always sheltered her kids from the paparazzi and from media intrusion. She’s been candid about how she feels her celebrity status has made things tough for her during the adoption process. Now Sandra wants her kids to settle. They’re going to have a tough time doing that if they’re followed around by cameras.

13 Shows Them Off: Tamara Ecclestone

Tamara Ecclestone is a British model and socialite. She’s become big hit on British shores, especially since branching out into the world of reality TV. Tamara, then welcomed her daughter into the world. Tamara’s popularity has arguably increased even further since she became a mom. She’s now got a new aspect to her life, motherhood, which she’s only too happy to share with anybody and everybody.

She has some unique parenting philosophies, and has been open about her experiences, such as separation anxiety, etc. It’s gotten to a point where some would say that her daughter is almost as famous as she is!

12 Hides them: Leighton Meester

Actress, singer and songwriter, Leighton Meester, welcomed her baby daughter into the world in 2015. Since then she’s been notoriously private about her daughter and her whole family dynamic with Adam Brody. There have been a few pictures taken of the happy family. But at the time, due to the cameras, Leighton wasn’t so happy. Arlo is her first child. She wants to shelter her as much as possible.

One of the few things she’s said about her daughter is that her job is to play. That’s it. She wants her to play and just be a child, enjoy her childhood without media intrusion. She’s done a good job sheltering her kid thus far.

11 Shows Them Off: Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers may not be well known to international audiences. She’s an English socialite and model, someone who shot to fame as a result of her exploits on reality TV. A lot of these ex-reality TV stars struggle to keep things going when their part in the show comes to a close. Sam didn’t have any such problems.

She’s revelled in the limelight and has kept things going. She’s made the most of this fame, bringing out the show, Sam Faiers: The Baby Diaries, and Sam Faiers - The Mummy Diaries. Understandably she therefore doesn’t have any problems with the paparazzi doing their thing.

10 Hides them: Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner has been a constant presence in the movie industry since the early 2000s. Her career’s kicked on, has gone from strength to strength over the years. She’s balanced her career with being in some high-profile relationships. Her most high-profile relationship was when she was with Ben Affleck. The duo have just split. But they did have four kids together.

Jennifer wants them to lead a sheltered life, away from the paparazzi. She calls them private citizens, and since they didn’t choose a public life, they should be left well alone. She’s a fierce opponent of the paparazzi hounding her kids.

9 Shows Them Off: Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson is a woman who’s lived in front of the cameras for most of her life. She’s achieved fame, has been successful, mainly because of the paparazzi and media intrusion, and the various scandals that have emerged from her life. Kendra is without a doubt most famous for her stint on reality TV. Her relationships, the fact she’s had kids, hasn’t slowed her down. It’s all just added another facet to her life. Kendra has embraced it.

Her kids are always being photographed. Her babies are always in the public eye. This has arguably made Kendra even more famous.

8 Hides them: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria has only just become a mom. Her baby is currently four months old. She’s had a son with hubby, José Bastón. It was a very long emotional pregnancy for Eva. She was very upfront with what she was feeling throughout her pregnancy. She shared a lot of information with her fans.

Now that her son is here, it hasn’t taken her long to share pictures of him to the world. There are a few snaps of mom and son together. But they’re all pictures taken by Eva. There are also a few exclusives. But as for paparazzi pictures, there aren’t any. Eva’s done her level best to shield him from paparazzi invasion.

7 Shows Them Off: Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere is someone who still looks young, still has that baby face look about her. But she’s certainly all grown up. Her love life has also been a hot topic in the media over the years, most notably for her on-again off-again relationship with her baby daddy. former boxer and heavyweight champion, Wladimir Klitschko.

They were involved romantically for nine years and were even due to get married before they split. They had a daughter together, Kaya. Kaya’s photo has been taken numerous times by the paparazzi, with her parents, out and about, and with celebrity figures. She’s a baby who’s been shown off to anyone and everyone.

6 Hides them: Miranda Kerr

Australian model Miranda Kerr rose to prominence well over a decade ago. She hit the bigtime as one of Victoria’s Secret Angels. She’s since risen through the ranks and has become a prominent name in the modeling industry. Earlier this year, Miranda gave birth to her second child, a son, with dating billionaire Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel.

Throughout her pregnancy, Miranda remained in the limelight, and thought nothing of showing off her baby bump. But since the baby arrived in May, she’s been very quiet. She has shown her baby off, but on her own terms. The paparazzi haven’t gotten a sniff.

5 Shows Them Off: Serena Williams

As sporting moms go, Serena Williams is arguably one of the most famous. She’s got a stellar record, is one of, if not the, most successful female athlete in history. She even won a Grand Slam event whilst pregnant! Now Serena’s got another focus, her daughter, Alexis. They’ve been pretty much inseparable. Serena adores her, loves her to bits, and she’s let everyone know it.

Serena has never been one to shy away from the media or from the cameras. Even now she’s got a baby in tow, the prospect of the paparazzi out and about doing their thing isn’t going to cause her a concern.

4 Hides them: Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is an actress who’s down-to-earth, who many can feel that they can relate to. She’s very open about her struggles regarding pretty much everything in her life. With Dax Shepard, she’s found her other half, has found someone she can relate too. The duo have a couple of daughters, there most recent baby was born in 2014.

Since Kristen has become a mom, we’ve been hearing plenty about her trials and tribulations, not to mention joys, of motherhood. However, Kristen has been vocal about her dislike of the paparazzi taking photos of her children without her consent. 

3 Shows Them Off: Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s love story is the stuff of dreams for most people. The couple’s relationship has progressed rapidly. They’re now totally besotted with each other. Chrissy hasn’t been shy in letting people know about her pregnancy, how tough it was firstly to get pregnant, then during her pregnancy. But the couple were rather quiet when their baby came into the world.

However, eventually, the world got to her two adorable children, Luna and Miles, from her very active social media accounts. Chrissy isn't afraid of showing the world her family.

2 Hides them: Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst has always been a relatively quiet, reserved person. She’s been quite frank about her shyness, her anxiety and her battles with depression. She’s someone who likes to keep herself to herself. But with her gigantic fan following, that’s easier said than done. The media, the paparazzi, all want a piece of Kirsten. Sometimes, she’s happy to oblige. But not when it comes to her son.

Kirsten is a new mommy. Her son is just five months old. They’ve been spotted a couple of times out and about as a family. But her son has remained covered, is still a mystery.

1 Shows Them Off: Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling and her brood are never out of the papers for long. There’s always a story about the Spellings. The paparazzi just can’t get enough of them. Tori has five kids, the most recent of which was born in 2017. The one year old must already be getting quite a taste for the celebrity lifestyle. He’s faced the cameras plenty of times already during his short life.

Whether it’s the paparazzi, or Tori, her hubby Dean, and the kids posing for photos, they’re never too far from a paparazzi, photographed moment. No doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more of Beau – Tori’s baby – over the years.

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