10 Celeb Moms Who Would Never Let Granny Babysit (And 9 Who Rely On It)

Even though most people don't want to admit it, celebrities really are just like us in the privacy of their own homes. They have bills to pay, kids to feed, a house to take care of, and a job to do. Now, they have the money and the means to do all these things easily, but they're still similar chores, all the same.

When it comes to celebrity moms, they feel all the emotions us "regular" moms experience. They want what's best for their children and would do anything to put them in the right environment. In fact, even though most celebrities have nannies and cleaners and all the help in the world, most rely on their family members (especially their own moms) to help out when times get tight.

For 10 of these stars, however, the last person they're calling to look after their child (or soon-to-be child) is their own mother. From deception to lies to mistreatment on all ends of the spectrum, not every grandmother is full of kisses and hugs. Likewise, we have nine other celebrities who full-on rely on grandma to play their part. Stars like Reese Witherspoon and the Kar-Jenners are all about keeping it in the family!

From good ties to bad bones, here are 10 celebrity moms who would never let grandma babysit, and 10 celebs who welcome them with open arms.

19 Would Never: Ariel Winter & Crystal Workman


If you're a Modern Family fan, then you're more than aware of who Ariel Winter is. And although Ariel is not currently pregnant, she has been with her boyfriend Levi Meaden since 2016. It seems like every other day there is a rumor about Ariel's ever-changing figure, and the press making hints that she's with child. Nevertheless, whenever that time does come for Ariel, the last person watching her child will be her own mom, Crystal Workman.

Ariel revealed in Teen Vogue that she was legally emancipated from her mother at the age of 14 due to what went down with her mother, along with verbal altercations that have deeply affected the young starlet. The two are no longer in contact; however, her mom has done a few on-air interviews explaining that her daughter is simply "lying."

18 Would Never: Tori Spelling & Candy Spelling


Tori Spelling is the beloved 90210 actress who was born into the elite family of Aaron (legendary film producer) and Candy (writer) Spelling. Although Candy has had her own success in her profession, her home life hasn't always been so easy.

Her marriage issues to fellow actor Dean McDermott came to light a few years ago, even giving the two their own TV show to discuss their issues. But that's beside the point, the deeper issue is between Tori and her mother Candy.

For years it's been said Candy and Tori had a "strained" relationship; they've both been very vocal about their differences. In her own book, Candy acknowledged that she was "passive-aggressive" and had poor "communication skills." She also thinks their strained relationship surrounds mostly around money. "My husband and I handed everything to our children, only later to realize that pushing up your shirtsleeves and digging in your heels is character building."

17 Would Never: Drew Barrymore & Jaid Barrymore


Everyone loves the bubbly and delightful actress Drew Barrymore. She's been in the spotlight since she was a child, and although she experienced some personal mishaps while becoming an adult, what child star hasn't?

Today Drew has two children with ex-husband Will Kopelman, and since her kids are still young, I don't think they'll be having Drew's mom Jaid babysit anytime soon.

At the age of 14, Drew was emancipated from her mother's guardianship. It was in these years Drew found herself mingling with the wrong kinds of people and doing things young girls her age definitely shouldn't be doing. Drew has been very open with her relationship with her mom, saying how they go through spurts of talking and not talking, as told by Stars.

16 Would Never: Meg Ryan & Susan Jordan Duggan

Closer weekly

Meg Ryan was everyone's sweetheart in the late '80s and early '90s. Movies like Sleepless in Seattle and You Got Mail are some of her best movies. With that enchanting smile and 'good girl next door' face, everyone loved Meg.

Although she's not in too much these days, Meg did adopt a baby named Daisy and had her own son with ex-husband Dennis Quaid. With two kids under her belt, Meg is sure to be a busy lady, but with all the schedule concerns and meetings, I don't think she'll be asking her mother, Susan, to watch her kids. Stars notes that Meg and her mother haven't been in contact for over 30 years over a few sly comments she made about ex-husband Dennis. Well, those comments must have been rude, because the two divorced in 2001 and they still don't speak.

15 Would Never: Vanessa Minnillo & Helen Bercero


The flawless TV personality Vanessa Minnillo has been married to singer Nick Lachey since 2011. Today, the pair three kids together. And while motherhood looks good on Vanessa, not everything at home is all peachy keen. According to Radar Online, Vanessa and her brother were abandoned by her mother when her father was in the war. Today, Vanessa's mother lives in a trailer park where she learns about her daughter's life from interviews and tabloids. Their relationship is so strained, she didn't even know Vanessa was dating Nick or had gotten married when she did.

On her mother's end, she would love to reconnect with Vanessa, but something tells us that doesn't look too promising.

14 Would Never: Leighton Meester & Constance Meester

Hype Malasia

Leighton Meester came on to the scene when she starred beside Blake Lively in Gossip Girl. She was quirky, sassy, and extremely talented. Fans everywhere were so excited when she started dating (and eventually married) fellow actor Adam Brody, from The OC. Today, the two are still happily married and have a daughter named Arlo. Her relationship with her mother, though, isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

From halfway houses to custody battles to court hearings, Leighton watched her mom struggle with vices throughout her entire childhood. Even more telling, her mom actually gave birth to Leighton while she was doing time, according to Nicki Swift.

As early as 2011, her relationship with her mom went south when she realized her monthly allowance to her mother was being blown on "plastic surgery" instead of being used for her younger brother. Even more upsetting, her mother sued her for not paying her enough money...

13 Would Never: Kendra Wilkinson & Patti Wilkinson


Former pin-up Kendra Wilkinson was known for her days at the famed mansion, but those days are long gone. These days, Kendra is divorced from her long-time partner Hank Baskett and has two children with him. And while she's managing to find the light at the end of the tunnel post-divorce, her family drama always seems to pop in.

Thanks to Nicki Swift, when Kendra and Hank were having marital issues, her mother apparently sold stories to the tabloids. In 2015 she said "I can't deal with my mom anymore," and that she was "sadistic." She continued saying, "I did a lot of reaching out, I did a lot of offering for therapy, and, you know, my mom just never accepted that, never reached out to me, never accepted my … you know, what I think would help us. You know, it was a lot of my side trying and not her side trying."

12 Would Never: Courtney Love & Linda Carroll

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Former rockstar Courtney Love is known more for her personal problems that her profession at this point. The widow of fellow rocker Kurt Cobain, Love has one child named Frances. And while Frances and Courtney seem to always have a falling out in the press, could it be possible from Courtney's own issues with her own mother?

At the age of 16, Courtney became emancipated from her mother after she abandoned her to find another place to live, according to The Observer. Her mother never came back. What's even stranger is that Linda wrote a tell-all book explaining that she did eventually come back for Courtney. And although  Courtney did tell her mom she was going to be a grandmother, that was the extent of it.

11 Would Never: Isabella Jane Cruise & Nicole Kidman


Remember when Nicole Kidman was married to Tom Cruise?! Before Kate Holmes and Keith Urban, these two were the "it' couple. After getting married and adopting two children, however, the flame went out and these two divorced in 2001. While there are many rumors about why these two divorced (mainly surrounding around Tom's love Scientology), C. Sheet says they both admitted their relationship ran its course and they have nothing but love for each other today.

Their shared daughter, however, doesn't always have the same views as Tom does on her mother Nicole. Isabella married her longtime boyfriend in 2015 and Nicole was nowhere to be in sight. Around the same time, rumors about a possible pregnancy began to swirl, and even though they're not real, something tells us no much will change when it finally does happen.

“I have two children who are Scientologists — Connor and Isabella — and I utterly respect their beliefs," Nicole said in regards to them not living with her after the divorce.

10 Would Never: Roseanne Barr & Helen Davis


Roseanne Barr is known for her dry sense of humor, professionally speaking. Outside of work, she's been making more news for her outspoken tone than anything else. Outside of work though, Roseanne has been married three times and has five children between the three. Regardless if you're a celeb or a regular mom, anyone with five kids is going to need help, but not by Roseanne's mom.

According to Stars, in the '90s when Roseanne was at her height of fame, she accused her mom and dad of bad things. In later years, her comments on the matter have altered a bit, but her on/off relationship with mom and dad is still very present.

9 Relies On It: The Kardash-Jenner Clan

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You don't need to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians to know how involved Kris Jenner is with all six of her children. Today, the 63-year-old isn't just keeping up with her six kids, but also her nine (soon-to-be 10, with the West's baby being born any minute now) grandkids! In the show and on social media, we all see Kris helping out any way she can. She even had Kim and Kanye live with her when the two were building their dream house. At this point in her life, there isn't anything Kris wouldn't do for her kids or grandchildren. Especially when they're in a pickle, as we've seen between Rob and baby mama Blac Chyna, and Khloé's situations with Tristan Thompson.

8 Relies On It: Jada Pinkett Smith & Adrienne Banfield-Jones


Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith has been married to Will Smith since 1997, and together the pair have two children — Jaden and Willow. With a busy professional life and a very famous husband himself, how could Jada and Will not need some help from time to time? Thankfully, Jada has a very close relationship with her look-alike mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones. The two even have a little show on social media called Red Table Talk!

As her only child, Adrienne is very close to Jada, and in turn, very close to her grandchildren. Willow, the youngest of the bunch, is often seen with her mom and grandma.

7 Relies On It: Chrissy Teigen & Vilailuck Teigen

Time Magazine

Anyone who is obsessed with Chrissy Teigen knows how close she is with her mom. Her mom, Vilailuck Teigen, is often seen in many of her social media videos and cameos. The two are so close that she even lives with Chrissy, John, and their two kids. And since everyone loves the Teigen-Legend family, people beg to see more of Chrissy's mom, too, which is why she has almost 200,000 followers on IG! As a grandmother, she's very hands-on and loves teaching both Luna and Miles how to cook and read. Heck, this grandma is so cool, she even goes to celebrity parties with her daughter and son-in-law!

6 Relies On It: Jessie James Decker & Karen Parker


In case you're not familiar with Jessie James Decker, she's a country music star who became more well known for her family-related show on E! called Eric & Jessie: Game On. The show started off showcasing their busy life with work and planning a wedding. Eventually, in the series, Jessie shows life with her baby girl. The couple is still together today but added two more kids to the mix. Now with Eric being a retired NFL player and a house full of kids, these two are busier than ever, which is where grandma Karen Parker comes into play. Jessie's mom is always around the corner from these two. She can always be seen helping Jessie out with the kids or running errands for her and Eric to make their lives easier.

5 Relies On It: Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn


Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson don't just act similarly in movies and in interviews, but they look alike too. With bronzed skin, blonde hair, and pretty eyes — these two are each other's best friends. Although Kate has a rough relationship with her biological dad, she considers her "real" dad Kurt Russel; her mother's long-time partner. Nowadays, Kate has only been married once but has had a string of close-knit relationships. With the help of their fathers, Kate now has three children; and yes, Goldie Hawn is there to help.

According to Closer Weekly, as soon as Kate found out about her baby girl born this year, "she texted her mom." With two boys in the family, the two were excited to welcome a girl!

4 Relies On It: Irina Shayk & Mother-In-Law Gloria Campano


One of the quietest couples in Hollywood is most definitely Bradley Cooper and model Irina Shayk. These two have been together since 2015 and have spiraled engagement rumors after Irina began wearing a beautiful emerald ring on her ring finger. In 2017, the two gave birth to their first (and only) child together, a baby girl named Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper.

Now that the pair have a 2-year-old daughter, Bradley's infamously close relationship with his mother is closer than ever. Although they are a quiet bunch, reports claim Brad's mom Gloria lived with the couple for years but moved out over differences on how to raise baby Lea. But even though Gloria may (or may not) be living elsewhere, she seems very much involved with her granddaughter.

3 Relies On It: Maria Menounos & Litsa Menounos


Maria Menounos is most known for her on-air TV work. In fact, she was so loved, that she and her husband were given their own reality show called Chasing Maria Menounos. The show showcased her busy life with her job and planning a wedding with her (then) fiance. In the show though, we were introduced to her close relationship with her parents, particularly her mother Litsa. After her mother survived a big health battle, the two undoubtedly became even closer.

Although Maria and her husband don't have kids yet, Maria has made it her mission to have kids in 2019, telling Closer Weekly she and her husband are trying IVF to make things happen.

2 Relies On It: Katie Holmes & Kathleen A. Stothers-Holmes

Marie Claire

Like Meg Ryan, Katie Holmes is a beloved sweetheart in Hollywood. In fact, when she and fellow actor Tom Cruise got engaged, the world practically exploded. However, after six years of marriage, the two went their separate ways. Like Nicole Kidman, many suspect that his religion had something to do with their demise. Although the two didn't work out, they did create a beautiful little girl named Suri.

To help Katie as a solo mother, Kathleen A. Stothers-Holmes—her own mom—is seen pictured with Katie and Suri quite often. Katie even brings her beautiful mama on the red carpet sometimes.

1 Relies On It: Reese Witherspoon & Betty Witherspoon


As we all know, Reese Witherspoon married fellow actor Ryan Phillipe in 1999 and the two had two flawless children together, a boy and a girl. The two, however, divorced in 2007, but Reese didn't cry for too long. In 2011, Reese married Jim Toth and the two had a son named Tennessee together. As a busy mother of three, Reese is very close to her own mother, Betty. The sweet lady—who looks just like her daughter—is actually a busy woman herself, being a doctor with FIVE degrees! But all those titles won't make her too busy for her grandkids. Betty is often seen with Reese and the kids, with Reese even interviewing her own mom in May of last year about her life.

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