10 Celeb Moms With The Best Maternity Fashion And 5 That Need Help

We all know how tricky it can be to dress a growing baby bump. And, we also know that pregnancy isn't always kind to us moms-to-be. Sometimes, we feel sick and tired everyday all day. Other times, the pregnancy glow turns into a teenage-like reappearance of acne and oily pores. And the stretch marks we swore we'd never get, we totally get. And, we get them in the most unexpected places.

Still, we're expected to appear gorgeous and behave in a way that suggests we have super powers (we totally do). For celebrities, the pressure is turned up even more. After all, most of them make a living off of the way they look or the identity they've branded themselves with.

Granted, many celebrities have a team of artists working for them behind the scenes. Stepping a foot out the door without consulting one of these fashion/make-up experts simply isn't plausible for celebs. But, every once in a while, a celebrity does it. And there to meet them is the notorious paparazzi.

For this particular post, we're going to give a few thumbs up to the first 10 celeb moms on our list, simply because of their flawless style. We're giving a high five and a big hug to the last five moms. Although they might not have hit the enormously high bar set by other celeb moms, we're sort of feeling their groove. So, here goes!

15 Chrissy Teigen Has Us Swooning


Chrissy Teigen is one celebrity mom that absolutely does not take shade from anyone. She defends her parenting decisions 100% and is pretty confident about her fashion sense, too. Of course, being a model probably doesn't hurt. As you probably already know, Teigen is married to the musical artist John Legend. The two of them just celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary September 2017 and share daughter Luna.

Teigen is incredibly candid about her pregnancy experience. Actually, this model is pretty candid about everything. Still, according to People.com, the couple conceived via IVF for both Luna and their second baby. Due with a son in June, Teigen is pretty much the epitome of fertility goddess in very fashionable human form.

14 The Duchess Is Always Elegant


If you're anything like...well, pretty much every other American then you're wild about all things Kate Middleton. Hey, I'm with you. She's an absolute dream. And, she's even a dream while she's pregnant. This is the Duchess's third pregnancy and we know from the news and media that pregnancy is no walk in the park for this royal.

She suffers from a very topsy-turvy stomach and extreme fatigue like many other pregnant mamas. Still, she is absolutely lovely. We've got to keep in mind that it's basically her job to be lovely. She's got a team of stylists making sure she hits the fashion mark. So, when we don't meet up to her pregnancy fashion level, we can blame our own stylist team for not showing up to work, right?

13 Kate Hudson Kicking It

First she gets her hair chopped and then she announces her third pregnancy is a much-desired girl! I'm not sure the world can handle any more of your big news, Kate Hudson. This golden celebrity, like the Duchess, typically has a rough start to her pregnancies. She has expressed her distain for the first trimester and many of us are nodding along with her.

Her and her partner Danny Fujikawa are expecting to add to the Hudson crew, but hid the pregnancy for as long as they could. When her perfectly adorned belly started popping, they started talking. Hudson has two sons already. Ryder is the oldest and she shares him with former Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson. Her soon-to-be-middle son, she shares with Muse's lead vocalist Matt Bellamy.

12 Khloe Kardashian Crushing It

Like any other Kardashian, Khloe is up-front and personal with her pregnancy experience. Although the Kardashians can be a dramatic bunch, they sure are nuts about their kids. Khloe is no different. Even in the middle of Tristan Thompson's cheating allegations, she's pretty much in a state of bliss after having just welcomed her new daughter to the world.

In true Kardashian fashion, she showed off her baby bump in about a thousand different ways. And in a thousand different outfits, too. Whether she was all glammed up for a big event or simply attending a basketball game to support her partner, she was always a sight for sore eyes. As you can tell, there's not many pregnancy pictures of her where she's not embracing her bump.

11 Country Chic Hillary Scott

Pictured above are two women connected to the country band Lady Antebellum. You probably recognize the glowing face on the left as the band's co-lead vocalist Hillary Scott. Next to her is the wife of the band's guitarist Dave Haywood. They were lucky enough to have shared some pregnant time together as they were expecting during the same months.

Hillary is a very sentimental soul with a huge heart. Sadly, she experienced a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with her twins. She does a fantastic job of expressing her emotions and also maintaining her band's brand, even in her down time. Like the headline, this singer is country chic 24/7. She actually gave birth to her twins earlier this year. Thankfully, she loves to open up her whirlwind life for us to enjoy.

10 Model Mom Miranda Kerr

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It always seems to be models that make the "good fashion list." But, it's sort of their job to look completely awesome, so we won't go all hater on them. Speaking of models, Miranda Kerr is pregnant with her second child with husband Evan Spiegel. She already shares her son Flynn with ex-husband Orlando Bloom. The two are clearly excellent exes and co-parents as they're online interactions are consistently positive.

If you didn't know, Miranda Kerr isn't just a model. She's actually a Victoria's Secret angel. It's not proven and I haven't read it anywhere in the "Model Handbook," but I have a suspicion that being a VS angel sort of raises the bar a little bit in terms of fashion. If that's true then Kerr is most definitely hitting her mark.

9 Radiant Rachel McAdams


Is it true? Is it true? If you never thought it possible for a celebrity to successfully hide a baby bump then think again. And further still, this particular celebrity hid an entire pregnancy from us! According to People.com, Rachel McAdams has become a professional at keeping a low profile. And the reason is likely that she had a bun in the oven.

As you might have realized, McAdams and her boyfriend Jamie Linden are incredibly private. They aren't the kind of couple you're going to read about while waiting in line at the grocery store. So, how did McAdams earn a spot on our list? Well, when you use fashion to completely hide a pregnancy because you want people to mind their own business, you pretty much deserve any spot you want.

8 Rockin' It Lauren Hashian


It's child number three for the Rock and number two for his longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock shares daughter Simone with ex-wife Dany Garcia. Hashian and The Rock have been a couple since 2007 and share their daughter Jasmine. Little Jasmine even helped to announce the pregnancy and it was completely adorable.

Hashian first debuted her baby bump on the red carpet for the L.A. premier of The Rock's new movie Jumaji: Welcome to the Jungle. She wore a red velvet dress with an incredible slit up the side. The couple was as cute as ever and cozied up to one another all night. She's crazy about being a mom and also loves to show off her baby bump.

7 Supermodel Coco Rocha


Cute and quirky model Coco Rocha announced that she was pregnant with the help of her little 2 1/2-year-old daughter. Rocha and husband James Conran finally took the leap and decided to try for baby number two. Back in 2016, the couple was a little uneasy about having another child simply because they were enjoying their life with their daughter Ioni at the time.

The entire family is beyond thrilled, so the timing must have been perfect for them. As you might have guessed, Rocha doesn't get much time off from in front of the camera. If she's not at a photo shoot them she's modeling for an event or at least attending one. So, she's managed to match her style with her unique personality and we're loving it!

6 Comfy Christina Perri


Her soon-to-be husband Paul Costabile claims to have fallen for the "Jar of Hearts" singer Christina Perri the moment she first walked into the studio where he was working. Since then, their romance has only blossomed. First, the relationship progressed into an engagement and then into a family when they added their first child to the mix.

Perri is a lovable soul who doesn't often glam it up with the purpose of impressing others. More than anything, she's an free spirit. An artist to the core, Perri often dressed her baby bump in classy but comfortable pieces. One thing she never went without was her smile. She's got this natural inner-glow that absolutely beamed during her pregnancy.

5 Mom-To-Be Mindy Kaling


Whether you're a fan of her character Kelly from The Office or if you're nuts about her title character Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project, you can't deny this women has what it takes to make it in Tinsel Town. Not only has she obliterated preconceived ideas about female stars, but she's done is with grace and a little bit of sassiness.

So, it's easy to see why we love her so much. Unlike many other celebrities, Kaling is 100% comfortable in her own skin. That positive mindset translates well to her style, too. When she feels like being comfy, she just does it. To some, this might not meet the high Hollywood standards of fashion , but here's the thing: this girl doesn't give a hoot! She's an inspiration for us to strut our stuff no matter if we're what everyone else is expecting or not. And, we love it!

4 Jamie Lynn Spears Tries Again

The Spears girls are known for either really hitting their mark or completely missing it by miles and miles. For her first pregnancy, the Pop star's younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears was under some big-time fire for her entire pregnancy situation. Unsurprisingly, she was a hot mess for most of the pregnancy and beyond. Finding out you were pregnant at 16, who wouldn't be?

The year 2017 was a fairly emotional year for the young singer-songwriter. Her daughter Maddie was critically injured in an accident and it just proved to be a hard time for Spears. This is the first child that she'll share with her husband Jamie Watson. Because of the tough 2017, she's decided to lay low for this pregnancy. Ultimately, she's donning her baby bump like any other women would rather than the rising star that she is. And, we're totally cool with that.

3 America Ferrera’s Easy Finesse


According to Latina.com, the comical Honduran beauty America Ferrera WILL be wearing her pants from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She's already made that very clear in a hilarious conversation with Stephen Colbert on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. When he asked her about them fitting, she said, “Do you know what magic means Stephen? Yes they’re magic, they would fit me all times.” Duh!

With a baby on the way and after 12 years together, the Ugly Betty star and her husband Ryan Piers Williams are both ecstatic to welcome their first child. One thing about Ferrera is that she usually has a fun sense of fashion. Though during pregnancy, she's sort of tamed it down a bit. Sporting comfy tennis shoes, leggings, and a maternity shirt, this star is easily as finesse as ever, but looks oh so comfy!

2 Bumpin’ Jordin Sparks

When you have a model for a husband, that might put a lot of pressure on you to look perfect at all times. But, Jordin Sparks doesn't let it get to her. Her husband Dana Isaiah doesn't really seem too concerned with it either. Especially now that they're expecting their first child. Both are fascinated with the little life growing inside that they don't often pay attention to the way her bump is dressed.

Jordin loves her new curves and although it's not a major focus, she will snap a cute photo of her growing belly in a cute shirt when the mood strikes her. Then, post it on social media, #bumpin. Most days, she's focused on being healthy and taking care of her body the best she can. What this means to her is being comfy. So, this only goes to prove that fashion can take a backseat and that be perfectly okay.

1 Almost There Eva Longoria

For those of you who had really big bumps in your third trimester, you can relate to Eva Longoria. She's not exactly loving being pregnant simply because of the "expansion" it brings to your entire body. Not only does this make you feel out of sorts, but it also make you exhausted. To deal with her changing figure, Longoria is trying to embrace a more favorable wardrobe.

The 43-year-old actress is pregnant with her first child with husband José "Pepe" Antonio Bastón. She's such a hard worker that she still gets all glammed up when she makes public appearances like on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she was photographed napping before going on. Seeing celebrities deal with such uncomfortable pregnancies sort of just brings the romanticism of it all back down to earth, thankfully. And, we're sort of loving them for that!

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