10 Celebs We Had No Idea Had A Twin (10 With Twin Kids)

There's something about twins that has always had people intrigued — whether they are identical or fraternal. And as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen or Dylan and Cole Sprouse have proved, people absolutely love celebrity twins. But there are quite a few celebs out there who actually have a twin and we never had any clue. Most often, it's because the twins are not identical so people tend to assume they are siblings, but some of these twins definitely had us look twice.

So today, we decided to take a closer look at who exactly the celebs with a secret twin are, and what we could find out about their not-so-famous siblings. But because making a list of only celebrities who have twins wasn't exciting enough for us, we decided to also take a look at those celebrities who have twin children — and surprisingly there are quite a few. So from beauties like actress Scarlett Johansson and supermodel Gisele Bündchen to divas like singers Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey — this list is full of A-listers.

Alright, it's time to start! Here they are, 10 celebrities who we had no idea have a twin, followed by 10 celebrities who have twin children!

20 Alanis Morissette And Her Twin Brother Wade

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Singer Alanis Morissette is another celebrity on our list who didn't come alone into this world. The 44-year-old star has a 12-minutes-older twin brother Wade who is, just like his sister, also a musician — it must run in the family. On his Wikipedia page (yes, Wade is the first twin on our list who has his own) it says that he is also a yoga instructor, therapist, and author and that his sister was one of the biggest influences in his life. The two have always been very close, which is — as you can surely tell by now — very common for twins.

19 Rami Malek And His Twin Brother Sami

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Academy Award winner Rami Malek who wowed us with his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody is another celeb who came into this world with a twin. The 38-year-old actor has an identical twin brother named Sami who is younger by four minutes. As you can tell, the two definitely look very much alike, and as every celeb on this list, Rami also gives his twin plenty of love by bringing him as his plus one. According to 22 Words, the two twins were known to swap places when they were younger, but let's be real — who wouldn't?

18 Scarlett Johansson And Her Twin Brother Hunter

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First, on our list of celebs that you may not have known have a twin is Hollywood actress Scarlet Johanson. CBS News writes that the 34-year-old actress has a twin brother, Hunter, who is nearly a foot taller than her. Scarlett and Hunter, who are born on November 22, 1984, are very close to each other and he can frequently be seen as Scarlett's plus one on different events. As with most twins on our list, Scarlett and Hunter are fraternal, and we love to see them support each other and be so close. Those who don't have a twin will never be able to relate, but it does really seem as if there's something magical about coming into this world with another human.

17 Gisele Bündchen And Her Twin Sister Patricia

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Next on our list is a worldwide famous supermodel and Tom Brady's gorgeous wife Gisele Bündchen. The 38-year-old beauty grew up in a family with five sisters, and one of them, Patricia, is her fraternal twin. Gisele, who is five minutes older, and Patricia definitely look alike, but all five sisters in the Bündchen family look absolutely stunning. Gisele is quite close to her sisters, especially Patrica, whom she even brings to different events. Personally, we can't get enough of the two ladies, and we'd love to see more celebrities bring their siblings as their plus one, especially if their sibling is their twin!

16 Aaron Carter And His Twin Sister Angel

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Another celebrity that most people don't know has a twin is singer Aaron Carter. The '90s pre-teen and teen star who rose to fame with the help of his older brother Nick Carter — a member of one of the most important boy bands of our times, Backstreet Boys — has a twin sister named Angel. The two were born on December 7, 1987, and while Aaron managed to reach a decent amount of fame, his sister Angel, who tried her luck out in modeling, never really got to be as successful. Either way, the two are now 31 and we can occasionally still see them attending odd B-list celeb events.

15 Vin Diesel And His Twin Brother Paul

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Let's move on to 51-year-old actor Vin Diesel, best known for his performances in Saving Private Ryan and The Fast and the Furious franchise. The star has a fraternal twin brother, Paul who has managed to keep his life very private. There is not much information available on this guy, besides the fact that he is the twin of a famous celebrity. This goes to prove that some people don't enjoy the spotlight, and would rather stay completely private. Of course, this needs to be respected, which is why Vin doesn't share photos of his brother often, but we managed to find the one above!

14 Samantha Ronson And Her Twin Sister Charlotte

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41-year-old DJ Samantha Ronson — who became famous in the 2000s by playing at private events for celebs and by briefly dating actress Lindsay Lohan — is another star on our list who has a fraternal twin sister that is famous as well. Charlotte is a fashion designer who not only made it to New York Fashion Week but is also commonly worn by a plethora of A-listers. The two sisters have often praised each other in public, and are each other's biggest fans. While both are pretty famous, many might not know that they are actually related, let alone that they are twins.

13 Ashton Kutcher And His Twin Brother Michael

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Another famous Hollywood star who has a twin is actor Ashton Kutcher. According to CBS News, his fraternal twin brother Michael was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a young child and he had to get a heart transplant at the age of 13 at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Nowadays Michael is a spokesperson for Reaching for the Stars, an organization advocating for children with cerebral palsy. The two brothers have always been very close, and you can frequently see them attend events together. During his undergrad years at the University of Iowa Ashton even studied biochemical engineering, driven by the need to find a cure for Michael’s heart disease.

12 Parker Posey And Her Twin Brother Christopher

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The Golden Globe-nominated actress Parker Posey, best known for her work in Christopher Guest's mockumentaries like Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and A Mighty Wind is next on our list. The 50-year-old star has a twin brother Christopher, who — similar to Vin Diesel's twin — decided to keep his public appearances to a minimum. From what we could gather, the two are also very close, and occasionally, as seen in the photo above, Christopher will accompany his sister to an event. Alright, before we wrap up the celebrity twins part of our list, we've got one more pair of twins to go.

11 Laverne Cox And Her Twin Brother M Lamar

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The last celebrity on our list that you may not have known has a twin is actress Laverne Cox, best known for her portrayal of Sophia Burset on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. The 46-year-old star has an identical twin brother, M Lamar, and he even portrayed the pre-transitioning Sophia on the show. Besides occasionally acting, M Lamar is primarily a musician but also, according to his Wikipedia page, a multimedia artist and countertenor.

So those were our ten celebs people probably didn't know have a twin, and now we'll move on to 10 celebs who have twin children!

10 Beyoncé And Jay-Z

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The first pair of celebrity twin kids are Beyoncé and Jay-Z's adorable daughter Rumi and son Sir. The two, who are only one year old, are bound to grow up into stars themselves and we can't wait to see that happen. Their older sister Blue Ivy is already pretty much a regular fashionista, and we're honestly just waiting for the day she announces she's dropping her album. But until then, we'll have to be satisfied with what Beyoncé and Jay-Z give us. But let's shift the focus back on the twins, we haven't seen much of them yet, besides a couple of social media posts their parents shared — and we're hoping that changes soon!

9 Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt

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From one iconic celebrity couple to another one. This one, unfortunately, isn't together anymore, but at least their kids are gorgeous. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had their beautiful son Knox Léon and daughter Vivienne Marcheline back in 2008 — meaning that the two are now 10 years old. Yup, time really does fly and before we know it we will get to see these two all grown up and ready to conquer the world. But until then, they definitely deserve a spot on our list of celebrity twin children. Now let's move on to some other twins with really famous parents!

8 Celine Dion And René Angélil

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Next on our list are singer Celine Dion's twins Nelson and Eddy Angelil. The fraternal twins, who were conceived after the sixth treatment of in-vitro fertilization, are today eight years old. Celine, who recently created her first gender-neutral line of clothing for children Célinununu, has been an advocate of raising children in a rather gender-neutral manner — which she does with her twins. Again, we can't wait for these two to grow up and show us whether they have inherited their mother's angelic voice — we certainly hope so. Alright, let's move on, we have plenty more celebrity kids to go through!

7 Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon

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Singer Mariah Carey and actor Nick Cannon are also two celebs who have twins. In 2011 the diva gave birth to their fraternal twins, Moroccan and Monroe. Unfortunately, Mariah and Nick didn't have a happily ever after and called it quits in 2016, but both of them are often seen in the parenting role. Mariah loves to bring her twins to different events, and the now eight-year-olds always looks absolutely adorable. According to Biography, little Monroe was named after the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe, while Moroccan got his name from the Moroccan-decor room in which Nick Cannon proposed to Mariah Carey.

6 Amal And George Clooney

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International law and human rights lawyer Amal and actor George Clooney are next on our list of couples who have twins. In June 2017 Amal gave birth to their twins, daughter Ella and son Alexander. Since then we occasionally get a glimpse of them through paparazzi photos, but we are waiting for the day when their famous dad takes them to a movie premiere. With parents like these, only the sky is their limit, and we're sure we will hear more from Ella and Alex, whether it be in a movie or fighting for world justice. We're halfway through our list of celebrity twin kids, let's move on to the next pair!

5 Ricky Martin 

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Next on our list is singer Ricky Martin, who became the father of twin boys — Matteo and Valentino in 2008. The two were born by a gestational surrogate mother. While the two have been raised by Ricky on his own for years, the singer has married painter Jwan Yosef (whom you can see in the photo above) last year and we believe the kids are now growing up in an even happier environment. Again, as with most kids on our list, Ricky also likes to bring his to red carpets, they are 10 years old after all — it is time!

4 Julia Roberts And Daniel Moder

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The beautiful Hazel and Phinnaeus Moder are the next twins on our list. The two children of actress Julia Roberts and cinematographer Daniel Moder were born in 2004 — making them the oldest celebrity twin children on our list. Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder met on the set of her film The Mex. back in 2000 and have been happily in love pretty much ever since. The two stars are however one of those celebrity couples who don't really like to make a lot of public appearances with their children — something we're hoping will change now that the twins are teenagers.

3 Madonna

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Let's move on to Stelle and Estere Ciccone, Madonna's gorgeous twins. The queen of pop adopted the two twin sisters from Malawi in February 2017, when they were four years old. We bet that after two years with Madonna, their lives have drastically changed, and we're sure these two couldn't have hoped for a better adoptive mother. After adopting the twin sisters, Madonna became very engaged in helping Malawi and its people. The star helped open up the Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care — a children's hospital in Malawi only a couple of months after adopting, and we're sure there's more help to come.

2 Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick

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The award for the most fashionable twins on our list definitely goes to Tabitha and Marion Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick's adorable 9-year-old daughters. Every time we've seen the two out and about they always looked picture perfect and something tells us their mom may be channeling her inner Carrie Bradshaw when picking their outfits. Of course, the girls are getting older and probably picking their clothes on their own now, but we truly do love a pair of twins rocking that classic partner look! We can't wait to see more from these two fashionistas — we can already tell they will set some trends!

1 Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony

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Last on our list of celebrities who have twin children are singers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. The couple, who unfortunately also isn't together anymore after being married for 10 years, has two adorable kids — 11-year-old twins Emme and Maximilian. The older the two cuties get, the more events they go to with their famous parents — and judging from their behavior and the looks they serve us, we believe both of them will grow up to be entertainers. Of course, only time will tell, but something tells us that we will see a lot more of these celebrity twin kids in the future.

Sources: biography.com, cbsnews.com, twentytwowords.com.

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