10 Celebs Who Are Too Good To Dress Their Kids In Hand-Me-Downs (And 10 Who Do)

Raising children is expensive, regardless of whether the parents are celebrities or not! Kids grow like weeds, which means they’re always in need of new clothes that fit properly each season, and that can understandably get expensive. Thus, many parents rely on hand-me-downs to clothe their kids.

Even if they can afford to buy new kid clothing on the regular, many parents don’t see the point since their kids will outgrow them soon. And, if mom has friends and family with kids who no longer fit their clothes, it makes sense to jump on the opportunity. Most kids outgrow their clothes before they wear them out, so hand-me-downs can sometimes be almost brand-new. And with a price tag of zero, no one can beat that!

With that being said, many of us don’t expect our favourite celebrities to dress their kids in hand-me-downs. With their wealth, most stars don’t have to think twice about buying something for their kids. However, there are plenty of celeb parents who still dress their kiddos in pre-worn clothing, whether it's from their older siblings or they got it from friends and family. How very eco-conscious and relatable! But, then again, there are also famous parents who are adamantly against hand-me-downs and prefer dressing their little ones in brand-new, luxury goods. Keep on reading to discover which famous parents have no problem using hand-me-downs, and which ones prefer to buy new.

Let's start with the 10 celebs who are too good for hand-me-downs...

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20 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

via E News

Given that Kanye is picky about what wife Kim Kardashian wears, we guess we shouldn’t be surprised to hear the couple is also picky about what their kids wear. Unlike her older sister Kourtney, sources have said Kim rarely saves and re-uses her kids’ clothes, despite having three little ones and a fourth on the way.

“[Kim and Kanye] don’t really do hand-me-downs, so each baby is like their first,” an insider dished to People this month, adding the couple donates their kids’ clothes when they get tired of them. “They’re buying everything they need for him, and Kanye insists they go top-of-the-line for everything. So they’ve been shopping.”

“Kanye is a big online shopper,” the source continued. “When he can’t sleep, he gets online and buys whatever he wants. A lot of what they’re getting, they order online.”

19 Katie Holmes

via Popsugar

Katie Holmes shares on daughter, Suri, with her ex husband Tom Cruise. Ever since the little girl was a toddler, sources have been dishing about her lavish designer wardrobe, which seems to be a sign that Katie prefers to buy things new for her kiddo.

According to Daily Mail, Suri already had a wardrobe valued at $2 million when she was three as well as a $150,000 shoe collection - that’s as expensive as some people’s houses!

“Suri has so many designer shoes,” a source explained in 2011. “She’s a massive fan of Marc Jacobs and she’s had several shoes custom-made, so if they didn’t come with a heel, Katie had them redesigned for Suri. She commissioned a pair of Louboutins for her a while back!”

18 Nicky Hilton

via Big Star

Socialite Nicky Hilton is the proud mother of two daughters - Lily Grace, born in 2016, and Teddy Marilyn, born in 2017 - who she shares with her husband, U.K. financier James Rothschild.

The Hiltons have never been known for saving their wealth, so don’t expect to see hand-me-downs in the Hilton-Rothschild children’s’ futures. And with Paris Hilton as an aunt, we imagine Nicky’s girls are spoiled on the regular - well, at least according to her!

"Whenever [Paris] comes over, she comes bearing sweet gifts," Nicky told E! News. "Clothing, toys, dolls...so Lily Grace gets very excited when Auntie Paris walks in the door." We have a feeling a diva like Paris would never let her nieces wear hand-me-downs.

17 Farrah Abraham

via Moms

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham will stop at nothing to get the best for her and her only daughter, 9-year-old Sophia.

So, considering this is the mom who bought her daughter $150 apple juice with gold flakes in it, we doubt that she ever lets her mini-me rock hand-me-downs. Plus, being an only child also means there are not a lot of kids for Sophia to inherit clothing from.

Need more evidence? Farrah opened a children’s clothing boutique in 2016 and proclaimed that her then-7-year-old daughter was the sole boss. When your kid “runs” their own clothing store, it definitely feels like they won’t have a need for hand-me-downs.

16 Victoria Beckham

via Nine

There’s no denying that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is a total Fashionista. Since saying goodbye to her singing, the celeb has been focusing solely on her fashion designing- and it’s served her well.

But considering she’s so fashion-conscious, we could never imagine Victoria and her husband David dressing their four kids in hand-me-downs. Now, with that being said, perhaps the celeb reused some clothing with her older three boys, considering how close in age they are.

However, we’re confident that her youngest child, daughter Harper, has never worn pre-worn clothes. Harper has been sitting front-row in fashion shows since she was a toddler and always looks impeccably styled. And, given that she’s the only girl in the family, it’s even more likely that she gets all of her clothes new.

15 Nicole Richie

via OK Magazine

Nicole Richie has made a successful transition from Hollywood wild child to fashion designer and mother in the last decade. In addition to her successful work in the fashion industry, she stays busy as a mom of two with her husband Benji Madden - their kids Harlow and Sparrow are 11 and 9 years old.

This celebrity’s kids have never been caught in hand-me-downs, and considering how style-conscious Nicole has always been, we have a feeling that she likes to buy all of their clothes new. However, the celeb has been caught wearing her daughter’s clothes- in 2014, she was spotted wearing a fur coat that previously belonged to her then-6-year-old daughter.

Does that count as a hand-me-down?

14 CoCo Austin

via Popsugar

Coco Austin shares 3-year-old daughter Chanel with rapper and Law and Order: SVU star Ice-T. The celeb is known for posting adorable shots to her social media of her and Chanel rocking matching outfits.

Considering that it seems Coco and her daughter have an endless supply of matching looks, we doubt the mom dresses her kid in anything that was already pre-worn- it’s likely hard to find matching mom-and-daughter hand-me-downs.

Likewise, Coco hasn’t been shy to show off her multi-million dollar wardrobe, so it’s likely she enjoys spoiling her only daughter with brand new, luxurious goods. Hey, there’s a reason she named her daughter Chanel!

13 Beyonce

via Essence

Beyonce and Jay-Z are one of the wealthiest couples in Hollywood, and according to reports, they have no problem sparing any expense when it comes to their kids. Recently, the couple has made headlines for the amount of staff they’ve hired for their three kids, which is said to include a team of nannies, a personal chef, and a private tutor.

But the biggest sign that Bey doesn’t allow her kids to wear hand-me-downs is that she already has a personal stylist and shopper for 7-year old Blue Ivy. It’s been revealed that Manuel Mendes, who works for Beyonce’s management company Parkwood Entertainment, is the stylist behind many of Blue’s custom-designed looks on the red carpet.

Who needs hand-me-downs when you can just have your gowns custom made?

12 Rachel Zoe

via Seedling

Rachel Zoe shares two sons, Kaius and Skyler, with her husband Rodger Berman.

Considering her entire work life has been built upon fashion, no one is surprised that her kiddos are two of the most well dressed boys in Hollywood. And she’s not been shy to reveal the amount of designer clothes her sons have, which likely means Rachel isn’t one to love hand-me-downs.

For instance, in 2013, she shared a photo of on Skyler’s wardrobe as she was packing for vacation, which featured a large clothing rack filled with various kids clothing. “It is fun to dress him like a little man - like a mini version of my husband sometimes,” the mom has said of dressing her boys, adding that her favourite kid designers are Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney Kids, J Crew Crew Cuts and “tons of Gucci.”

11 Kylie Jenner

via People

Given how many of her siblings have kids close in age, one would expect Kylie Jenner to have received a ton of hand-me-downs when she gave birth to daughter Stormi. But judging by how much the celeb loved shopping for baby clothes and items, it sounds like Stormi is only wearing things that are brand-new and designer.

Kylie is said to have spared no expense while pregnant, stocking up on designer items like a Fendi stroller and Burberry baby onesies for her little one. In July, the makeup mogul showed off her daughter’s impressive shoe collection online, which features pairs from Fendi, Giuseppe Zanotti, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, and is estimated to be worth a cool $22,000. Stormi is definitely living a life of luxury!

And here are the 10 celebs who do embrace the idea of pre-worn clothing...

10 Kourtney Kardashian

via in touch

Kourtney’s daughter Penelope has been spotted wearing older bother Mason’s clothing, so it’s clear that Kourtney likes to be practical when it comes to her kids clothing (unlike her sister Kim!).

“I kept a lot of Mason’s clothes, like little blazers and loafers and I’ve used them on Penelope,” the reality star once said to People. “I’ve even done a full suit for a full menswear look, like a Saint Laurent look.”

However, she adds that her eldest son is particular when it comes to his clothing (you can tell he never had to deal with hand-me-downs!). “He loves to get himself dressed every day and he likes to come out and show us his outfit. And we’re not allowed to have an opinion on any of it,” Kourtney said.

9 Charlize Theron

via Popsugar

Actress Charlize Theron first became a mother when she adopted her first child, son Jackson, in March 2012. She later went on to adopt a second child, daughter August, in 2015, making her a mother-of-two.

Charlize notably keeps things pretty private when it comes to her personal life, often avoiding speaking about her kids or parenting in general. But the celeb has said that she likes to pass on her children’s used clothing to her famous pals who have kids who’d fit into them, like Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky.

“I’m going to give Chris [Hemsworth’s] daughter all my son’s hand-me-downs,” Charlize was once quoted saying. We wish we had some famous pals who’d give us their old baby clothes!

8 Kate Gosselin

via Ok Magazine

Kate Gosselin catapulted into fame when she made headlines for being pregnant with six, which helped her family earn multiple reality shows that documented their life.

Considering that Kate has six carried at once as well as older twin daughters, it seems like a guarantee that they must wear hand-me-downs in her household. Dressing that many kids has got to be expensive!

Even more, Kate has been open about her family’s financial struggles, meaning there probably aren’t a lot of funds for buying new clothes. “I have a stack of bills. The last thing I wanted was to do this show and end up not being able to pay our bills,” the mom-of-eight has said, revealing the reason she continues to do reality TV.

7 Angelina Jolie

via Allure

With as much money in the bank as the Jolie-Pitts do, we don’t think the parents have any problem with purchasing their kids' new clothes.

However, Angelina proved how economical she is when her daughter Shiloh was caught wearing older brother Maddox’s clothes. Shiloh was photographed wearing a grey Ramones t-shirt paired with camo track pants. It was almost identical to the outfit Maddox wore when he was younger, which included the t-shirt and a pair of army green pants.

We guess with six kids in the house, hand-me-downs are inevitable!

6 Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

via Pop Sugar

Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky have their hands full with three little ones at home: they welcomed their daughter India in 2012 and twin sons, Sasha and Tristan, in 2015.

Despite Chris being one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, he and his wife have been open about their holistic approach to parenting, which includes raising their kids to be eco-conscious and away from the bustle of Hollywood. Charlize Theron has admitted to giving Chris and Elsa her kids’ old clothes, so there’s no doubt that this family loves using hand-me-downs.

Hey- if Miley and Liam have a kid, so you think they’ll be getting hand-me-downs from Chris?

5 Sarah Jessica Parker

via Popsugar

Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw on her show was known for being fashion-forward and designer-conscious. And although SJP has always been as equally fashionable as Carrie IRL, she’s not afraid to reuse her children’s clothes or accept hand-me-downs from family members.

SJP, who shares three kids with her husband Mathew Broderick (son James and twin daughters Tabitha and Marion), grew up using hand-me-downs. “James Wilkie only wears hand-me-downs because I’ve got all these older nephews. Plus, my mother saved all my brothers’ clothes. I am not kidding. I don’t think I’ve ever bought him any clothes,” she once told Us Weekly.

4 Gwen Stefani

via Popsugar

Gwen Stefani might be a full-time pop star and fashion designer, but she’s also a busy mama. The iconic blonde shares three sons with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale: Kingston James (born in 2006), Zuma Nesta Rock (born in 2008), and Apollo Bowie Flynn (born in 2014).

Fans have always been amazed at how well-dressed her boys are, often exhibiting their own edgy style to match their mom’s eclectic taste in fashion. But with three boys close in age, we have a feeling Gwen hasn’t been afraid to reuse their clothes on one another, especially when many of their outfits are adorable and happen to be designer.

According to the grapevine, Gwen and her current boyfriend Blake Shelton would love to have a baby of their own. So Gwen might have another reason to break out the hand-me-downs in the future.

3 Shamcey Supsup

via Pinterest

Shamcey Supsup-Lee is a celebrity who was crowned Miss Universe Philippines in 2011 and later went on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant.

But nowadays, this celebrity is enjoying her new role as mom- she and her husband welcomed their first child, daughter Nyke, in 2016 and they had a son last fall. Yet despite likely having a hefty college fund already saved for her kids, Shamcey has revealed she’s a fan of re-using clothes.

“Beauty queen Shamcey Supsup, who is in her eighth month of pregnancy with her second child, told Pep.ph that she intends to reuse her firstborn daughter Nyke's old things for the new baby,” Smart Parenting explained last September. “The crib, strollers, even some of the clothes’ […] Besides it being practical, she says it helps because she has less things to prepare.”

2 Nadya Suleman

via Radar Online

Nadya Suleman first became a public spectacle when she made headlines for being pregnant with Octuplets in 2009, despite having six children already and being on governmental assistance.

But now that she has 14 children, all ranging in ages, we can’t imagine that this mom doesn’t use hand-me-downs. Otherwise, just think about how horribly expensive it would be to always buy new clothes for her kids.

Even more, Nadya has been open about her financial struggles in recent years, which means she likely doesn’t have the extra money to always buy new outfits for her kids. As of 2014, the celeb confirmed she was still on government assistance. She’s since ventured into other areas to try and earn an income.

1 Iya Villania

via Instagram

TV host Iya Villania is another celebrity who’s not afraid to use hand-me-downs on her kids. The star married her boyfriend of ten years, Drew Arellano, in 2014 and together they have two sons: their first son, Antonio Primo, was born in 2016, and they then welcomed their second son, Alonzo Leon, in 2018.

“[She] has no qualms about letting baby Leon wear his [brother] Primo's clothes. Nearing her due date, Iya only asked for diapers as gifts for her baby shower and none of the usual baby stuff, since she had really intended to reuse Primo's baby essentials for baby Leon,” Smart Parenting explained.

Sources: People, E! News, Smart Parenting, Made For MumsStyle Caster, Daily Mail, E Online

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